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    Tweed Bar crossing

    I've recently moved to Pottsville and want to start taking my half cab through the tweed bar. An article in the local paper last week about a few overturned boats in the last few weeks has got me pretty worried as i haven't had to cross any difficult bars before. Any suggestions? Everyone says to go over it a few times first with somweone who crosses regularly? Any offers?

    The alternative is to drive to Southport, which i don't want to have to do each time i want to go for a fish.

    I swear there are kingys out there laughing at me at the moment, just waiting for me to drop a live bait down to them, but i don't want to become anothwer tweed bar statistic.

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    Re: Tweed Bar crossing

    Mate I don't cross the bar but fish up at the mouth there in my boat quite a bit lately. I've seen small tinnies etc crossing it recently (my neighbour has a small tiller steer tinnie that he goes out in when conditions are right).
    I recently spoke to someone who saw one of the bar mishaps (and regularly crosses it himself) and he attributed it to inexperienced boaties trying to cross on a big run out. I guess thats what it all comes down to though isn't it.
    Why not just go for a drive to the mouth on a few different tides and watch everyone at work? I'm happy to send a few recent photos if you like.
    Sorry I couldn't be of more help
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    Re: Tweed Bar crossing

    Tomarrow morn "sat" will be a great day to get out there, low swell and wind, thing good about the tweed is it's allways got a good depth to it unlike currumbin and tally,

    one thing you could do is take your boat and loiter near the bar and watch all the others going out, sat will have heaps to watch and after you see them getting out you'll know the best path and you can make up your mind if your happy to hit it, like all bars, treat with respect, when in doubt don't go out,

    If you don't take your boat tomarrow I'll bet you wish you did, theres great fishing out at tweed, Good luck .

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    Re: Tweed Bar crossing

    Get up early and sit up the top of point lookout.
    If you sit for a few hours watching the path the boats take it will give you a good idea.
    Like any bar in moderate conditions it can go from ok to terrible very quickly

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    Re: Tweed Bar crossing

    All good advice. Swell looks to be dropping a bit tomorrow, might give it a try then.

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    Re: Tweed Bar crossing

    Fishmtb, You might want to rethink going sun morn out of tweed, It was really lumpy geting out of the seaway this morn, there was a decent swell and tide was running out, from looking at seabreeze it looks worse for sunday than today.,

    If you do take the boat out you might concider bringing some lighter rods for the river if the bar looks too wild, I had to come in after 10 mins when my boy started chuckin up :cry:

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    Re: Tweed Bar crossing

    I'm one of those guys that heads out through Tweed in a tiller steer tinny.

    But I only do it on days when I know I can.

    Run out tides are worst, especially on in the middle of the runout when more water is trying to get back out. If it's a big swell the bar usually always breaks but it is possible to duck out even then.

    Don't go straight down the middle - you'll face 200m of broken waves.

    As a general rule stick to the north wall. There's Uneed to USUALLY a nice big hole there that doesn't see as much broken wave action. If you watch it often enough you'll see what I mean. Once out keep heading north and makes sure you run well north east before you head back south to go to the nine mile. If you cut across too early you can find some nasty breaking waves out the back.

    But as others have said - you need to watch it for yourself to make your own decision.

    Bare in mind open tinnies don''t like waves breaking on top of them - where as half cabs can get away with it (sometimes). Also if you launch off a big wave and your the only person in the tinny - she will come down arse first as all the weight is in the back - and you're probably buggered then as well.

    Just be careful and you should be right.


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    Re: Tweed Bar crossing

    Thanks. I checked it out at bottom of the tide today to see what it would be like coming in. Looked better than i expected. I'll give tomorrow morning a miss, for the simple fact when i got home at 5pm, i realised i had a heap of unpacking to do from the move to get all my fishing gear out and there was no way I'd get it all done tonight, boat juiced up, lures prepped with wire, bimini's tied etc. I'll head up for the high tide tomorrow and check the bat out and might give it a try Monday, assuming the forecast is wrong and it drops below 4 foot.

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