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    Somerset and Wivenhoe Information

    Somerset and Wivenhoe Fish Stocking Association Inc. held their Annual General Meeting in Fernvale last night April 21st. The new office bearers are:
    President Garry Fitzgerald
    Treasurer Bunny Qualischefski
    Secretary Dale Sinclair

    Stocking information for 2009/10.

    Somerset Dam
    Australian Bass 124779
    Golden Perch 86472
    Silver Perch 116125

    Wivenhoe Dam
    Australian Bass 90014
    Golden Perch 107569
    Silver Perch 25750
    Saratoga 164

    Total Fish Released 550873

    Reason for higher stocking of Silver Perch in Somerset and Golden Perch in Wivenhoe was the effect of the summer heat wave on Bass hatcheries and unavailability of Bass fingerlings.

    Out of these numbers, 36700 Silver Perch were bred at our own Don MacPherson Memorial Fish Hatchery at Yamanto. Our project was also hit severely by the heat wave and we lost almost 50% of our yield days before release.

    The outgoing President thanked the hard working members running the Hatchery, and Garry Fitzgerald for his work in running the annual Canoe and Kayak Convention at Lake Wivenhoe. He also thanked the Associationís corporate sponsor Tarong Energy.

    Meetings are held on the third Wednesday of every month at the Futures Complex in Fernvale at 7.30pm. All are welcome to attend.

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    Re: Somerset and Wivenhoe Information

    Thanks Dale

    I was wondering if the issue surrounding wivenhoe's restrictions surrounding powered vessels was discussed?



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    Re: Somerset and Wivenhoe Information

    Hi Lee,

    The Stocking Group as such has no influence over decisions of the Water Board, and our charter and club constitution doesn't include anything like that. They don't attend our meetings, although we had a rep from DEEDI there last night.

    The Water Board are currently calling for public submissions for their new rules and regulations, and all the fishing public should put in their wish lists. The committee have collected individual's ideas and will be putting in our personal suggestions, however I don't know that it will carry any more weight than Joe Blogg's submission.
    Our requests are too details to go in to here, although included in them are ideas for changes to some current restrictions.
    You can find details on the Seqwater website.

    I fish because the little voices in my head tell me to

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