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    borumba dam yabbies ?

    hi to all
    im heading out to borumba dam for the weakend and old mate whants to throw some yabbi pots in. has anyone here caught any yabbies from there, if so where would be the best places, in the dam, or crfeeks. i will only b land based for the creeks but will have a boat in the dam.
    any help would be great. best bait, areas to look for, pots per person (same as crabs 4 pp?) etc. hmm can taste them now.

    cheers jp

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    Re: borumba dam yabbies ?

    Haven't actually tried in Borumba, but your best bet would be to try creeks with weed growth close to the edges. Have had heaps of success in NPD and Moogerah around the banks with weeds. Also look for timber.

    Baits are an issue of much debate. Some like to think that our freshwater crays are vegetarian and only eat fruits and rotting vegetables. Best baits I have personally used are ox heart (Available from most butchers quite cheaply), Rockmelon, Tins of tuna and salmon and also try liver from just about any animal.

    Limit on pots is 4 per person and if not secured to an object ashore, must have a float of at least 150mm with your name and address. Good Luck, hope you get a good feed......

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    Re: borumba dam yabbies ?

    In the dam Jason. Try the main basin near the bottlebrushes that are flooded.



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    Re: borumba dam yabbies ?

    im pretty sure the crab pots are now illegal in dam because turtles can get stuck in them??
    so i use the green yabby traps, bait meat, catfood, half baked potatos. rockmelon is apparently good never tried it though, if you have a look where the dam ramp is along to you right where the carpark is, i get a lot just throwing the pots out from the rocks. people say deep water for yabbies, but i have the most success in shallower water near weed beds, there are plenty of weed beds at borumba.
    those drowned bottlebrus are good toga spots.

    if you drive through imbil, stop at the fishing n scrapping shop, he will give you some good advice.

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