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    gday,, i live close by wollongong. where are some good spots to go for a look around ?? i dont have a boat so i'll just be swimming out. any suggestions are much appreciated.


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    Re: wollongong

    Mate you would probably do better on
    More south coast NSW spearos on that site, quite a few in the 'Gong area.

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    Re: wollongong

    there is a million (well almost) places to spearfish around the Illawarra (Wollongong) places like (from the shore) around Hill60, the front of Wollongong lighthouse, although the water can be murky there, Bellambie bombie, almost anywhere, and as per usual, the harder a place is to get to, the better the spearing.

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    Re: wollongong

    a couple of my favourites were just on the north side of the harbour in Shellharbour, also down around the poles of the blue metal loader on the southern side of Shellharbour south beach, at a surf break called shallows

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    Re: wollongong

    The home of the best football team LOL to no longer be in the NRL.

    All great spots that the others have said but as Scott says Shellharbour used to always produce but been a while since i been down there.



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