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Thread: Pindari Dam

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    Pindari Dam

    Heading up there on Wed, return home on Monday.
    Never fished it before, all help gratefully accepted

    Anyone local, please come and say g-day/have a grog/fish. Will have a green hornet and white X8 crewman ute with CIN number plates, bit hard to

    Some of our gang are bait fisho's - are shrimp readily available in the dam?


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    Re: Pindari Dam

    Sorry Cindy havn't heard any more about the dam lately,, weather looks good so good luck..
    Cheers Baz

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    Re: Pindari Dam

    Good luck Cindy, there has been a few cod caught at Glenlyon dam so hopefully you will have some luck, great dam you will like it.

    cheers rossco

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    Re: Pindari Dam

    How did you go at Pinari Cin?? Any luck?? Pod

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    Re: Pindari Dam

    Had a great time, great weather and company!

    Fishing was bit hit and miss. Nothing on lures....spent about 4 hours solid casting every day till the back ached too much. Resorted to the old faithfull shrimp to get some fish.

    Been about 10years since I sunk a bait/became a lure
    I think at least lure fishing you are busy and dont suck on stubbies to pass the time...lmao.....

    Got a MASSIVE everything in that dam on steroids?

    Didnt hear of anyone doing any good on lures.
    Plenty of yella's on shrimp & worms
    Couple of cod up to 58cm.
    There is so much water and didnt really know where to start! Cant wait to go back in Spring to get onto some of those Pindari horse yella's on lures...I reckon they would hit like a freight train.

    Thats it for my fishing for a bit, dropped the hornet at Parsons on the way home for the floor to be replaced (warranty job) plus I am really busy with work this time of its off to walk the river banks for me for a couple of weeks.

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    Re: Pindari Dam

    G'day Cindy - sounds like an enjoyable weekend all be it frustrating when they are not interested in lures. Shrimp is always a good backstop at Pindari. Like you however I prefer lures and often do not take bait. Did you try some bibless lures like Jackals?
    Was unable to make it up as by the time I set the new boat up Saturday had no time so snuck out the road to Copeton for maiden voyage - very happy with end result. Will post some pics etc in boating section soo.

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    Re: Pindari Dam

    Was it a bit cool at this time of year Cin ??

    Regardless .... you caught fish

    Give a man a fish & he will eat for a day !
    Teach him how to fish
    & he will sit in a boat - & drink beer all day!

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    Re: Pindari Dam

    Threw jackalls, blades and spinnerbaits all day! Even whilst baitfishing, still casting! One other camp there managed 1 yella on a spinnerbait on about day 3?!

    Yes Nagg, the trip was planned to be before the Easter shut down, but damn work committments kept stuffing up our

    The weather howver was perfect and water temp wasnt too bad for a 100ft deep dam on the northern tablelands mid April, 22.8deg. Blue Green Algae however was rife!

    .......cant wait to go back in maybe.......Oct/Nov......(after I fit in my August-Fiji and Sept-Gladstone fishing trips)......bring it on! (if hubby hasnt divorced me and my fishing obsession by then...seems to get worse each year )

    Brett...cant wait to see the photo's, Josh & Rod said it looked great! Figured you would be too busy packing it 15 times until you got it

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