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    Question Upper Tweed

    Hi All,

    Does anyone know if you can have an outboard past the wier ?

    Is it electric only down past Kyogle rd ?

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Upper Tweed

    Hey Bushy
    It's leccie only above the wier and power motors must be removed, the same as Clarrie Hall Dam. We did well when we were out there a few months ago. We headed down river but have also done well heading up stream. Bugman maybe able to tell you how's it's been fish lately he's a local. If your launching at the bridge you will need all wheel drive at very least, it's a lumpy bumpy launch.(unless they have fixed it....but i doubt it)
    Let us know how you go, we've been thinking about heading out again.
    Cheers Kim.
    Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders and says...
    'Oh Shit.....she's awake'

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    Re: Upper Tweed


    Currently charging up the battery for a run with the electric motor tomorrow morning. Haven't been up that we for a month or so but I know some guys that had great success on surface poppers above the weir in their kayaks last week. No fish over350mm but I think they landed around 20 fish between them. Apparently there was one cicada lure that did most of the damage.

    Here on the main stretch of the river the water is starting to salt back up a bit. We've been getting less and less fresh water eels. They had been in plague proportion. Bream are quite but there's been a few flathead if you find the right places.

    I'll let you know how we go.


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    Re: Upper Tweed

    Thanks Bugman,

    I look forward to your report

    Good Luck

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    Re: Upper Tweed

    Report wont take long.

    Ended up going late on Saturday arvo and took my little 3 year old for his first attempt at casting and retrieving lures. It's fair to say i only fished 40% of the time but loved it non the less. The little fella was so excited when he got his popper to pop

    Fished till right on dark on the low side of the weir and did not get a hit. Couldn't see any bait in the water and there was bugger all/no surface action at all. Should maybe have changed lures but couldn't really be bothered.

    Boat's is sitting in the water ready to go again this week.


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    Re: Upper Tweed

    I have mentioned to the captain I need to go fishing. I'm trying to convince him that happy wife = happy life. Looking at going out on sunday morning early. Hope they're still on the chew.
    Cheers Kim.
    Live your life in such a way that when your feet hit the floor in the morning, Satan shudders and says...
    'Oh Shit.....she's awake'

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    Re: Upper Tweed

    "Oh $hit... She's awake".... I say it every morning. Seems Satan and I have somthing in common.

    I hope they are on the chew Sunday, Cause if we go there again and I catch all the fish....SHE will be cranky.

    Good to see another Pop fanatic has been initiated. Cheers for the heads up Bret. Should catch you up there some day.

    Cheers, Roo......aka the captain(apparently).

    EDIT: Bushy, as far as I know it is electric only above the weir and Petrol motors are to be removed. there once was a sign indicating this at the Byangum bridge launch area but on our last visit, it had been removed, we noted 2 other boaties using the area at while we were there, 1 had a large 4 stroke Petrol motor still attached (did not start it)and tilted down to act as a rudder and the other had a smokey old Force 2 banger fired up and clouding the air and our drinking water supply with oily smoke.... he then took off at speed up river with his kids and a tube for some "fun" I hope only his prop found all the rock bars.

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