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    Re: Best surf fishing spinning reel

    Ok, that's the ball park...

    I'm kind workin' my way down from the top shelf to the second top and so on 'til I finally land on "the one".

    I hadn't figured the Saltist into the equation yet either.

    But based on the reels listed in the above post, CRIKEY if you can't find some'thn all right in that lot, there's some'thn wrong.

    It'll just be a case of fine tuning down to the last couple of 'probables' then make the big 'D'.

    Hmmm, maybe it 'cos I'm getting older but when I fishing png for the bass n barra I never asked these questions about reels. It was just straight to the top shelf with the baitcasters, the quicker the better....
    "...a voice in my head keeps telling me to go fishing..."

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    Re: Best surf fishing spinning reel

    Done some research into the Catalina prices...

    I can get one brand new from a supplier in Japan for AU$437.00 delivered.

    Best price I could find in Oz was $555.00 (excl delivery).

    Now the only dilemma is whether to order the 4000H or the 4500H. Both are around the same price.

    When I checked the specs, the 4500H has a greater line capacity and it actually weighs slightly less than the 4000H. I couldn't figure that one out...

    I'll be using 30lb braid mainline which is the PE#3 category.

    The 4000H takes 300m of PE#3 and the 4500 takes 400m of the PE#3

    So, I was thinking that the Catalina 4000H would be ample for my needs re: line capacity, as 300m should be heaps for off the beach.

    Anyone have any reasons why the 4500H might be more advantageous?

    And, does anyone know if a 4500H spare spool would fit on a 4000H reel and/or visa versa??

    I plan to match the reel to a 10' daiwa saltiga surf rod that I bought last year. I was thinking that the 4000H would be a bit smaller than the 4500H and therefore more suitable for the rod.

    But based on the specs I've seen, there's not much difference size or weight wise, so I'm wondering if I may as well go the 4500H?
    "...a voice in my head keeps telling me to go fishing..."

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    Re: Best surf fishing spinning reel

    Deepfried has the 4500H and rates it as a great reel.


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    Re: Best surf fishing spinning reel

    Another option hitting the market soon....

    Shimano Bulls Eye - A new surf weapon emerges

    January 7, 2010

    Watch out Saltiga Surf, here comes the Bulls Eye. The Bulls Eye is Shimano’s take on a mid-high end surf reel, and it appears they have done it in style.
    Shimano have combined an aluminium body with a CI4 Rotor to make a light weight, corrosion resistant, super strong fishing reel. CI4 is Shimano’s new(ish) carbon fiber material that is popping up in most of the new higher quality Shimano products these days. Weighing in at a mere 555grams it is still 20 grams heavier than its competition.
    Internally, Duralium drive gears, Brass pinion and 8 stainless S-ARB bearings keep things strong and smooth. Pulling out an impressive,and probably slightly over kill, 20kilos of drag pressure they are destined to stop the freight trains of the ocean. Finished off with a machined handle and
    I have always been a fan of Shimano’s when it comes to Saltwater use. They seem to cop a hiding and require far less maintenance that the competition, not that I condone mistreatment of a reel!
    With a retail of around $500AUD they are currently only available in Japan, but I’m sure our equivalent wont be far off..

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    Re: Best surf fishing spinning reel

    I saw one of those recently on a Japa..Tack.. site but didn't look closely at the time because the name 'Bulls Eye' put me off.

    I'd've thought they could be a bit more creative with what they'd call it. "Bulls Eye' just hasn't got that 'towards top shelf' good quality ring about it.

    Worth a suss tho as the specs seem to shape up and I quite like Shimano...
    "...a voice in my head keeps telling me to go fishing..."

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    Re: Best surf fishing spinning reel

    Hate to throw a spanner in the works PNG ... don't suppose you'd consider using a baitcaster for the same job?

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    Re: Best surf fishing spinning reel

    Yep, I have an arsenal of good quality baitcasters and I have one designated 'baitcast' surf rod that I can match what reel I want to use on it.

    The rod is an 8' St Croix surf casting model I ordered last year from the U.S. and its a great, versatile rod for that kind of reel.

    The two reels I've used on it most are my Daiwa Millionnaire 253-Z and my Shimano TE Conquest 300. The next reel in the queue is my Calcutta 400.

    And I have another 'run of the mill' overhead rod that I've used my Penn 965 on a few times (and I have a Blacksheep 300 as well).

    I like using the baitcast o/h reels heaps as I got used to them in PNG.

    So in other words I like to have both set ups on hand. For casting metals & lures I like to use the baitcast, as can cast them hard & get good distance.

    For heavier baits such as pilchards, I prefer to use a spinning reel.

    I like to use quality gear so I want to get a nice spinning reel with a good, reliable feel about it that'll last a while and be a pleasure to own & use.
    "...a voice in my head keeps telling me to go fishing..."

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    Re: Best surf fishing spinning reel

    I'm surprised that you can get further distance with a bait caster, especially with ligther termical tackle?

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    Re: Best surf fishing spinning reel

    Well, it seems to work.
    I use 30lb 8 strand braid on my b/c reels and a 25-30lb mono leader.

    If using a spinning reel set-up I can get good distance too with lures, but I generally use the spinning reel for pillies, like I mentioned above.

    I just like using b/c reels so prefer those set-ups for casting lures (helps me to reminisce about png)

    I find that my b/c combo isn't as good for casting the heavier baits, so I cast lures with'em.
    "...a voice in my head keeps telling me to go fishing..."

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