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    I am from Barjarg NE Victoria Where I fish the local lakes 4 in all. I started fishing over 50 years ago with a catgut line wrapped around a peice of wood.and small hooks. Caught more fish then than I do today. Actually today was a good day I caught three large Carp thats three down on my Black queen rods. I have only just found this forum it is the best out of all the ones I have seen.
    Cheers for now Wally

    I'm exercising and eating to live for-ever -- Not living to eat drink and sleep -- so far so good .

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    Re: Hello

    On ya Wally I still use and love my old Black Queen rod to.

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    Re: Hello

    Welcome Wally, look forward to your reports.


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    Re: Hello

    g,day wally,welcome to a place of friends who love to fish and have a chat to but the best thing is even older gents like ourselves can still learn new ways to get that hook in.

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    Re: Hello

    Crikey, your user name reminds me of the old Captain Pugwash series... there was Master Bates and his off-sider, Seaman Stains..!?

    Anyway mate, welcome to the forum. You gotta fair bit of reading in front of you!
    The Search option will help you find loads of stuff about all sorts of things...
    "...a voice in my head keeps telling me to go fishing..."

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