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    Rod for cv-z 105L

    Just bought a Daiwa Millionaire CV-Z 105L on ebay and am wondering what would be a good rod for it? I am thinking of maybe using it for a yellow belly, light cod rig. Was looking at maybe getting a gLoomis cbr841 or cbr781 (they say they're 6-12lb but they feel heavier) with 20lb line maybe. Any other good options?

    Other rigs I have at the moment are daiwa alphas r with a pflueger medalist 2-4kg 6'4" and a daiwa pixy on a shimano river raider both are mostly used for bass pixy gets a little bit of bream work.

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    Re: Rod for cv-z 105L

    Dunno about the rod, thats a personal thing, but quick Q about the reel:
    Is the 105 the JDM version with the extra bearings?

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    Re: Rod for cv-z 105L

    Ichibantackle says it's a shallow spool, seems to say it has 11 bearings like the 103. 103 holds 12lb 120 yards, 105 holds 12lb 80 yards. Probably end up with a HLC steez spool or a rc-002s spool anyway and maybe a rc-202s so I can use it for barra.

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