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    Freshwater shrimps

    Any favourite bait to use in traps to catch shrimps?

    I'm after a steady supply to feed my natives.


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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    Hi Luc, mate i have had great sucess using SUNLIGHT soap mate..but make sure it is SUNLIGHT as all the other stuff like palmolive etc etc dont work.

    Cheers Sean

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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    Chicken wings too.
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    all of the above, plus chop bones, dog biscuits, but the best is fish frames.

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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    i used rump steak leftovers this weekend with some sucsess
    Cheers Chris

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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    G'day Luc,

    Any of the above, if you are able to check your pots at night time or leave them in overnight, it will make a big difference.

    I feed gambusia to my natives, easy to catch with bread and a scoop net.

    good luck


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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    Thanks for all the info.

    Hi Matt, they certainly love gambusia but shrimps make a change. I know nightime is best and have caught them using a torch & scoop net but at present I'm after smaller sizes. Will try leaving traps overnight at NPD.

    I've found that the best trap for gambusia are the clear plastic ones. They seem to enter them far more readily than the mesh ones.


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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    I liked to use a few el-cheapo lamb chump chops or a half filleted forktail catfish carcass.

    The large multi-holed diesel filters made good traps, or a deep tin bucket with loads of holes punched around the sides & base.
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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    Sunlight soap or fatty offcuts are the best. They won't go off in the pot if left for a day or two.


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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    I do well on liver. Any bread will do.

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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    If you want a good gambusia trap design let me know Luc.

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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    How's the shrimping going Luc?

    I get my gambusia at the my local duck pond (underwood park) I get the kids to distract the ducks with bread, and throw out bread away from the ducks.

    Gambusia are all over the bread within a minute, then I scoop them up with a dip net. The handle is about 5 foot long and the net is only about 20cm x 20cm. Only takes ten minutes and I've got about 300 or so.

    I keep them in a bucket with aerator and give them 20 or so a day.

    Time for another trip to the duck pond actually.



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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    Hi Matt,

    No srimping this weekend as I'm doing a tagging weekend on NPD.

    Today was very quiet with most tagging only a few while some tagged 30 to 40.

    Hopefully Sunday will be better.


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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    Quote Originally Posted by shayned View Post
    If you want a good gambusia trap design let me know Luc.
    Hi Shayne,

    Always interested in a better ''mouse'' trap.


    PS you need to clear your mail account.

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    Re: Freshwater shrimps

    Sunlight soap goes well...Here's my tip.... Hit it with the Mrs' Cheese greater and shred it into mozarella cheese size stripes. Works a treat!
    KFC Bones goes off as well! Pod

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