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Thread: Starting Out in Northern NSW

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    Starting Out in Northern NSW

    Hi everyone.... i have been a keen line fisherman for many many years and i have been interested in giving spear fishing a go i was just wondering if neone can give me some tips as in what gear to buy and if there is any of my locals around here tips on places to try out first for some easy going spearing. i live near Ballina NSW. I've already got basic snorkelling gear and have done abit of snorkelling before.

    Any help would be greatful cheers


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    Re: Starting Out in Northern NSW

    I just read in the local rag that the open water spear fishing championships are on at Woolgolga this weekend, I reckon you would pick up some good ideas there.

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    Re: Starting Out in Northern NSW

    Hi Fishy,

    can't help you with what to buy, I gave up spearing many years ago,

    but I do have a mate who regularly dives off boulder beach with much success,
    might be a good place to start.


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    Re: Starting Out in Northern NSW

    thanks muz...... just off the beach it's self or off the headland..... what kinda of fish does he target??? is there much deep diving involved.... i think i'll need to build up the confidence and stamina abit i tihnk

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    Re: Starting Out in Northern NSW


    he dives off the southern end, tells me there is a big hole abt 100 yrds out in the middle that at the right times hold many Jew.

    I can only advise that you go and look for yourself, but I know he does well there.


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    Re: Starting Out in Northern NSW

    Just be carefull of were you can and carnt spear fish in NSW there are heffty fines and loss of gear.
    eg Brunswick Heads you carnt spear fish near the groin .
    I prefere the hawin 5 prong spear.light colapsable quick reload,replasable barbs.
    changable heads.
    The spear guns to me feels good but to slow to reload .
    I've had 2 spear guns and one hawin spear 30 years latter and i still have the Hawin spear.
    The guns are long gone.

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    Re: Starting Out in Northern NSW

    True, can't legally spearfish the beaches in NSW, only the rocks/headlands at each end.
    Speargun, the Rob Allen Scorpia 1.0 metre would be a good gun to start with, sufficiently powerful, accurate and reasonably priced. Ensure you are comfortable with the loading methodology, get the retailer to show you the proper way to do it, there is a knack involved. I'm 53 and have been spearing nearly 40 years, but I still can't get it right!
    If you are a handyman type and have access to a few tools, ie router, drill press, planer, sander etc you can make a gun yourself, or just have a look about for a second hand gun on the net etc.
    Cheers and enjoy, great time to start atm, best few months of the year are at hand!

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