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    $649 Lowrance StructureScan Cheap ??

    Hi Guys

    just got the latest Bias Dogalouge and they have Lowrance StructureScan setup in it for $649 is this a good price or does anybody know a better price

    Also for the guys that have it or have seen it i would value your input as to what they are like pro's con's what to do and what not to do

    any info would be great

    Thanks Tony

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    Re: $649 Lowrance StructureScan Cheap ??

    Tony, I almost fell over when I got my catalogue!

    I had a unit I purchased off Grand Marlin, chase him up re prices. The unit is well worth the money in my opinion. It took me a while to read the unit and fine tune it to different conditions and how I presented the boat etc- The main mistake I had was I expected to much before I knew how to work the unit- but fishing awoonga it was amazing watching the fish push up a bank either side of the boat and see how far away they were and be able to have absolute confidence in where I was fishing because I could see the barra moving up in small groups.

    I think it really opens in salt water as well.
    I had amazing success chasing pelagics using the LSS casting and trolling over the exact position of the bait.

    So I honestly don't think you could go wrong at that money.

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