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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    Also, whats the differance of having 5 persons with two or three rods each within a 200 LM stretch of riverbank.
    Im sure everyone has had a couple of rods going at the same time.
    It would be no differance than 5 people in a boat with 1 rod each fishing a area of around 10m x 10 m square.
    I have seen over 100 people or more lined up along a river bank within a 200lm stretch, at a fishing comp.
    The law says 1 person can have only 4 set lines within 200lm. Thats 1 every 50lm.
    There is no law to say that 5 people can not share the same 200lm.
    When I do fish off a bank, I might sit with a mate or the wife and kids. Sometimes the lines are only about 3.000lm apart. I dont see the differance between the set lines and hand held lines as in lines per l/m
    Please advise me if I am wrong.

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    You wouldn't see those hypotheticals at most little rivers in Aus, and certainly not at Texas or surrounds

    The difference between set lines and your other scenarios is that usually they are left in o/night or sometimes not well attended. This does zero favours for a fish that would/could/should be released.

    I could just imagine the local stocking group welcoming you back if you are serious.

    Have you thought about sneaking in a gill net ?

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    No, I havnt thought of a gill net, like yours

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    While we are talking hypothetically. What do you intend doing if you have more than the legal quota of fish hooked up on your set lines???
    I can assure you the fisheries blokes will know what to do!!
    Could get expensive

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    Im sure if we did manage to catch 10 or 15 fish, we would still be under the legal requirement. Last time we went out we caught 4 euros, 5 yellas, as well as a .500mm cod that was released. Most of the yellas were caught on lures.
    I understand where you both are comming from but I have more fun camping rather than eating any fish that we do catch. Everyone is different.
    Rather than targeting the guy that goes fishing 3 or 4 times a year, and catches a dozen or so fish, you should looking at how many smaller fish are killed every hour by trawlers. I know everyone needs to make a living and thats life.
    Also we are talking about the Dumarsque and Mckintyre Rivers, not a flooded gully.

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    unfortunetly set lines have ruined the cod fishing in the dumasrque, i remember only 10 years ago we could go down for a flick and generaly end up with 3-4 legal cod each in a session. im not saying its you but its the people that go down set up 20 set lines with goldfish and end up with 10 or so cod the next day they take home that have ruined the stretches im talking about. and you do see this happening. might stick a fisheries sticker to my car next time i go down for a camp least i'll clear out the dickheads.

    3 or 4 big properties for sale on the dumarque river at the moment for those rich buggers out thier.


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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    I totally agree with you regarding the carp on set lines. I know of guys that used to do it about 20 years ago. There catches are still hanging on the wall at the Pittsworth hotel. I dont know of anyone that is game to do it these days.

    Only today I was talking to a guy that camped out around Keetah a week or so back. He said he caught around 20 cod in two days in the afternoons. All were about .300mm long. There were all caught around 3 meters off the bank in about 1.200m deep of backwater. In the morning the same area was teaming with carp.
    All of the cod were released and the carp smashed on the rocks. He said he had never seen anything like it before.
    I spoke to a property holder today at Texas, and they said that the river was quiet recently. This was strange considering the good fresh it recently had.

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    Not saying you shouldn't enjoy your fishing and camping.What i'm saying is don't ruin an enjoyable trip by getting busted on some technicality.and ruin the whole trip by getting booked for some ambiguous rule..
    Enjoy and hope you get some good fish..

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    Anyone still using droppers should be caught anyway whats wrong with fishing for the sport not just for the kill no sport in sitting on the bank setting a few lines and drinking piss then row out and pick up your kill.

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    It's all about abuse, I don't have a problem about someone catching a feed of fish in what ever manner as long as it is within the law and only take enough for a feed.

    cheers rossco

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    So what you are saying that setting crab pots should also be banned.
    As long as everyone abides by the rules there should be no trouble. Its no differance than if anyone that camps on the riverbank, leaving their rod in over night with the ratchit on. Im sure everyone has done this before.
    Some people make you feel like a criminial for catching a few fish and not releasing them, but they then might go down to the fish shop and buy them. If everyone caught and released fish, there would be none for sale. No sardines, no oysters, no barra , no crabs, etc.
    I abide by all of the judges rules, I throw back any undersize sish, I only have the recomonded amount of lines, I have my set lines marked, I take my rubbish home, and sometime others that is left there, so I dont feel guilty. Last year I went fishing around 6 times, and actullly ate around 10 fish all year. I dont believe the statement of reaping all of the fish out of the rivers with set lines. I also recon that I have caught around a dozen euros last year also, some on set lines.

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    i cant believe this topic is still going,

    people wonder why there are no fish left in sections of these small rivers,
    setlining should be banned fullstop. its a joke.
    makes my blood boil hearing about it still in use,

    you would think in todays world people would be past this caveman act


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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    you cannot make comparisons between netting or crab potting and the border rivers. the ocean and its estuaries are a little more selft sustaining that the dumaresq river.


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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    Hey yellahunter this thread is still going because some people are trying to make even people who fish sensibly within the law are being asked to feel like crimanals. Seems to me if you think the rules are wrong and your blood is boiling you should you should not be having a go at sensible law abiding fishers and start lobbying the Fisheries etc to have the law changed.

    Also you might want to consider changing your name from yellahunter to something else also cause does'nt that name sound a little caveman as well??

    There are other factors to consider as well.

    All my life we have caught plenty of fish and more many times than we needed but it brings a lot of joy to those who are given a feed of fish who are either too old to get out or have no skills. Its an ethic I was brought up with. Generosity. Or who can't afford to buy it? Current price Coral Trout fillets Cairns $49.00 kilo Sweetlip $33.00 kilo Spanish mackerel cutlets $33.00 kilo
    Yellowbelly or cod fillet?? Not even for sale anywhere.

    Think it thru

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    yellowbelly and cod aint for sale in fish shops because they are not prized table fish, well not when compared to the likes of snapper, spaniards, coral trout and the like.

    set lines are bs mate, im sure most people will agree with me here,
    Nearly every river in the murray darling basin is screwed, from a whole myriad of reasons but i can guarantee you that setlining has ruined the fishing in many of the smaller rivers. Keeping a feed of fish is legal and i dont have a problem with doing it, keeping a heap of fish and then distributing them among friends and family, or filling your freezer is another matter.

    Saltwater systems may be able to handle this macho man kinda stuff but small border rivers cannot, SIMPLE.
    people leaving multiple setlines along the rivers overnight has killed many a good cod over the years which may not have been desitined for the table.
    Im not against people having a line or two in with them as they can release or keep the fish as they catch it.

    I suppose the even fishos would be ok with tethering cod until they get the best one for the table too..

    as for my name, well i dont even need to go there,
    havent kept a yella since the mid nineties.
    I love my natives and to me they are far more valuable than a fillet on a plate to make my self feel the big man


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