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    fishing the border rivers

    Looks like the only place to throw a line in the border rivers out west are around Texas & Goondiwindi. Coolmunda is just a river and mud hole now.
    Not sure how they went with the rain around Ashford.

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    Hkconc, Ashford did not get any where near the rain they got near the border (i think around two inches tops) so no major changes there. Cheers Brett

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    yer, I figured that by looking at the river hights on the BOM web site. Theer a good example. They did have around 10 inches a few weeks back. Im looking at heading to texas this weekend. Cheers

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    Don't forget your New South Wales fishing Licence if you are fishing in the
    "Border Rivers."

    According to "The Law" you must have a "N.S.W." licence even if you are fishing from the Qld. side of any river bordering N.S.W. and Q.L.D.

    I got a shock some years ago when I was told this by a senior Q.L.D. fisheries officer.

    A quick check will confirm if I am wrong.

    Some one will know.

    Have Fun Haji-Baba

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    I thought you only needed a permit if you were on the NSW side of the river. News to me.
    We ended up going to the mckintyre brook just before yalarbon for a few days. We only managed a slimy. Lost a good hook up. Not sure if it was a cod or a euro.
    We only fished off the bank, and only got bites off blood worms. We also tried the sands at bengella. Water was also a bit dirty still. Give it a few weeks on it might be another story. Its good to see the rivers runnin with about a half a meter run.
    We will be bringing the tinny next time thou. Hopfully I will have this cast of my leg then. Mozies were thick as, but left us alone after a bit of aeroguard.

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    Yes hkconc I thought it was a joke too until I was in touch with the Fisheries in Roma on another matter.

    I was told that was the law then, don't know if it has been changed.

    Don't take my word for it but if you were in a boat it would probably apply anyway.

    I was told fishing just off the Bank from the Q.L.D. side of any "Border River" would require a N.S.W. permit.

    Contact the Fisheries People in Roma for a definitive answer.

    Also enquire about Murray Cod in The Thompson river.

    Love to hear your findings.

    You could P.M. me with the replies

    Have Fun Haji-Baba

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    old man got 4 small fish up to 4 pound, went to fish sundown but was dry but got them in the rivers around thier.

    hkconc, i'm guessing you were fishing downstream of the dam? ive only ever fished upstreem good fun chasing spangled perch on lures espespially when you can pick them out and target them.


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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    How about the Severn River near Stanthorpe?? It should be well running at the moment and it holds some very good cod and yellowbelly along a good amount of its length and the river is simply stunning.

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    yer batters, we were about 6klm upstream from yalarbon. Its looks like some kind of weir. They cakk the area Booba Sands. I will google earth the site.
    Regarding the permit on the border rivers, I have all ways wondered how they would justify the permit issue if you were in a boat. NSW has set lines banned but Qld allows 4 per person. What if a log was on the NSW side of the river with a set line on it, but you camped on the Qld side and you had no fishing permit. What fines apply?.

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    I have read the latest rules from the DPI in Qld and there is no mention of a permit required for fishing the broder rivers. Take a look for yourself.
    Queensland Department of Primary Industries
    Also try the NSW web site
    It would make sence to have permits for these rivers as you say. This must also apply for the Tweed River.

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    Also another little known rule is that Tandanus are a No-Take species in NSW rivers - border rivers included.

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    Just checked with the Q.L.D. Freshwater Fisheries at Roma, no permit required
    if , if you are on the Q.L.D. bank and fishing no further out than the middle of the river.

    Tha actual border is the center of the water or water course.

    Different matter if in a boat.

    If you have fishing gear in a vehicle or near a river a permit is required in N.S.W.

    Pretty grey area really in my opinion.

    Couldn't get an answer on the Tweed.

    There are exemptions also with regard to pensioners and some others.

    The story has changed in the last few years from what I was told previously.

    Get's very confusing.

    The actual Murray River part of the Border between N.S.W. and Victoria is another worth looking at.

    We are told that ignorance of the law is no excuse but I am beginning to think we are being deliberately confused to make life more difficult.

    Keep your powder dry.

    Have Fun Haji-Baba

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    Well,I have intentions of heading to texas next. They are saying this is the legal way to do it in Qld.
    I have a jeep 4x4, a 3.600 tinny, as well as a camper with most cons. I intend to set a few dropers. Apparently we are only allowed 4 per person. If I bring 3 mates and my wife, that means we should be allowed 20 dropers. Apparentyl we are suppose to have them set within 200 meters of where we are camped on the banks. We are not allowed to set tham on the NSW side of the river as that is their territory. We then have to have them marked with our name on them.
    What if we, camp on the Qld side, set lines on logs on any side of the river, and have 20 set lines with no names on them. Do the NSW inspectors have the right to come over to Qld and confiscate our equiptment.

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    If you're seriously going to have 20 set lines in 200 metres of a small river then I sure hope they can.

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    Re: fishing the border rivers

    I was using a worst case senario with 20 lines.

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