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    Land based fly around Mackay?

    Hi all, newby flyfisher here, well I've had a fly outfit for a few years, but have never really used it much. Have decided to get off my butt and put a bit of time and effort and try and get me a fish on fly .

    I would like to know if there any reasonably quiet areas in the Mackay/Sarina area that are worth a look. I know there is a creek at Greenhill that is very open at the mouth, I reckon that would be worth a shot.

    I will be using a 9 weight outfit, probably overkill for bream and little cod, but I bought it with the intention of chasing some barra in the dams.


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    Re: Land based fly around Mackay?

    Try out the sand spit that reaches out to the southern bank (red beacon) of the Pioneer River mouth. It's a bit of a walk but if you get out there at the right tide there should be bream, cod, flatties and some good GT's and queenies.

    I've even caught spanish mackerel, 1m+ queenies and mack tuna from that spot (from a boat though but still right there). You got a good mix of options from there with rocks, sand flats and deep holes depending on how you want to fish.


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    Re: Land based fly around Mackay?

    Thanks mate, I'll keep the spot in mind. I thought about going in this weekend, but looks like it will be blowing 30 knots or better, if that's the case, I'll give it a miss and hope it improves for the following week.


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    Re: Land based fly around Mackay?

    Try Dumbleton Weir. A mate has been getting Barra there of late.

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    Re: Land based fly around Mackay?

    Thanks mate, I'll check it out.


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