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    Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    Hi All
    First post here as I just signed up

    I'm currently looking to buy a boat but have hit a big road block with my vehicle.

    It's a Hyundai Tucson City SX 2.0L Auto 2007 model, which is basically a 4wd lookalike car but only has 2WD (front wheel drive).

    Hyundai have this section on their website which says the max. towing capacity of my car is 600kg (braked) trailer.

    Yet in my owners manual it says a 2wd auto tucson 2.0L can tow 1200kg braked, and the compliance plate on the car near the towbar also says that it can tow 1200kg braked (with a 120kg tongue weight). It's a genuine tow bar put on when I bought the car.

    Naturally I would believe the car book/plate over a website, so I called Hyundai who are 100% adamant that I can only safely tow 600kg braked.

    I then also emailed them and said well why can the Getz which is a little hatchback tow more (750kg) and the new Tucson ix35 can tow 1600kg braked even still with a 2.0L engine is 1000kg more than my car! & explained to them what it said in the book/plate.

    The compliance plate on the tow bar says:
    Towbar part # AL090M9000
    Max 4 cyl 1200kg (braked) gross trailer mass.
    Max 4 cyl 600kg (unbraked) gross trailer mass.
    Tongue max 120kg static ball load.
    Tongue part # AL090M9000T.

    Hyundai's answer was this:

    "Hyundai Australia have advised that all Tucson City's have a 600kg maximum
    Towing capacity. Hyundai Australia have advised that the information on the web site is correct. The book is a generic book all English speaking countries obtain. EachTucson built slightly differs in each country. We in Australia have ADR (Australian Design Rules) which are different to other areas and countries.Hyundai Australia cannot warrant or confirm if the vehicle will operate in normal conditions if greater loads are Towed."

    Where can I go from here? Surely the car must be able to tow more than 600kg braked! How am I going to get a boat if I am stuck with this limiation??

    So sorry this is such a long first post, but I have really hit a big brick wall - hoping someone has some advice!!

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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    if it can only tow 600kg the tow bar must be held on with cable ties!!
    I would think 1200kg would be fine on that car. Friend has one and sure he tows alot more than 600kg with his

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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    Your probably just running into people who do not understand the difference between braked and unbraked trailers so just keep quoting 600kg. If 1200kg is stamped on a genuine towbar I'd say thats the limit. I can't even think of anything only rated to tow 600kg, maybe an old charade?

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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    Web site...what website??

    I'd be looking at the owners manual and the towbar.
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    hi have a look at red book it will give you the answers and it is 600kg

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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    On it say's it's only rated to 600kg braked as well.

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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    Quote Originally Posted by bay local View Post
    On it say's it's only rated to 600kg braked as well.
    I've never seen that before. It is usually 600kg unbraked and some higher value braked. It's pretty stupid to think a 600kg braked trailer (which isn't required) is the same as a 600kg unbraked trailer.

    As for different version built for different countries the difference would be LH drive and MPH instead of Klm they would be basically the same car.

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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    I would go with the plate and handbook.... are you sure you read the web site???? because if you did not than you would believe 1200kg!!!

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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    Houston, dammit has a problem.


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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    The missus has an X-Trail which is front wheel drive (able to lock in the rear wheels) and it can only tow 700kg braked.
    1200kg for a front wheel drive doesnt sound right, I'd be a bit worried pulling a 1 tonne boat out of the water with a front wheel drive car.

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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    Better add a tender to the list !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    My Honda CRV is 600 unbraked, and 1400 braked. No troubles towing the little AMM (it's over 1000kg on the trailer), or pulling it out of the water at the ramp.

    Surely you know you can't believe everything you read on websites....................

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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!


    I'd believe the logbook before any website.

    I had a Holden Astra wagon 1.8L manual front wheel drive too, that was rated to tow 1400kgs with brakes. It towed my 1000kg plate cuddy without much drama,, a few interesting boat ramp haul-outs but never failed in the end, so I can't believe that 600kg would be in any way the limit for your car - just doesn't sound right. Maybe 600kg is the limit without brakes, but surely not with them.

    If youre still concerned, suggest you get a second opinion from the motoring organisation (eg NRMA, RACQ) in your state if you are a member and discuss with them - they may even be willing to take up the issue with the manufacturer for you if there is still confusion.


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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    You migh want to get a check on what your insurance company believes it is as well.

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    Re: Towing - Car can only tow 600kg?!

    My 1.5L Lancer pulls about 550+kg of boat no problem. Front wheel drive isn't so bad either, especially on boat ramps because your front wheels are usually up higher on the dry part fo the ramp and not in the slippery and wet bit at the back

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