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    $17,000 Tipped into the River

    At 12 noon last Sunday, around 50 IWRA members and volunteers met on the banks of the Macquarie River to release 48, 971 Murray Cod and Golden Perch. The $17,000 worth of fingerlings was purchased to boost native fish numbers throughout the Macquarie River, and were released at 7 different reserves stretching between Wellington and Narromine.
    It was a great sense of achievement for the IWRA committee, who have been working on securing the fingerlings for over two years.
    The funds to purchase the fingerlings were raised by several fundraising efforts which saw over $16,000 generated through both raffling and donations made by individuals and businesses across the Central West. Applications were submitted to the DPI (Department of primary industries) upon drawing the “Fridge full of AusSpin Lures” raffle last year, to apply for dollar for dollar restocking grants, and after two submissions regarding habitat, public access and facilities the grants were approved.
    The generosity of the Dubbo community has been simply astounding, as a level of concern for our local rivers’ health is clearly held in high regard by many citizens. The IWRA is keenly seeking more members, and anyone interested in helping out is welcome to do so by contacting IWRA President Matt Hansen on 0427 454 357, or IWRA Vice President Mick O’Neill on 0402 232 479 or go to
    The Lake Burrendong Classic is our next project so it would be great if you could come along and support this not for profit comp! You will also get your chance to have a crack at $23,000 worth of prizes!

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    Re: $17,000 Tipped into the River

    Awesome result there on the stocking Poddy .... well done to you all ........ pretty busy this year - but maybe we could try to get some crews to travel down next year to experience some mid western NSW hospitality.

    I hope everything goes well for the Classic


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    Re: $17,000 Tipped into the River

    I agree with Chris. We should get down. there is something special about Murray cod fishing, its truely australian!! You and your stocking mob have done a terrific job Poddy in keeping this iconic fish going in our job mate!

    Cheers Steve
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    Re: $17,000 Tipped into the River

    Great job to everyone involved!! Keep the stocks of these truely spectacular fish up is just great. It is great to hear that somany volunteers put their hands up to help out. These fish are the true aussie freshwater battlers... and at the moment their stocks are taking quite a hitting right over the east coast... and its things like this that really make me smile, These fish are too speical to lose!

    Again, Great job, Congrats and keep going!
    Cheers, Bandit

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    Re: $17,000 Tipped into the River

    When all this recent rains floodwater abates you will be fishing at the mouth of the Murray for the fingerlings you released. Helluva lot of water to feed the systems, I wonder if it will actually go close to "fill" the Murray Darling?

    Good work with the release and hope most of the fingerlings find some local refuge and safety.

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    Re: $17,000 Tipped into the River

    Amazing job poddy! Nothing beats good native fish.

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