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    Red face Fishing spots redcliffe area ????

    My daughter lives in redcliffe area and is keen to fish ...has gone out several times (Land based) no luck ...

    Has tried Pine River near wetlands. Hornibrook bridge sandgate side, Nudgee and Cabbage tree creek?

    She is keen to fish but is a bit disheartened, i think she may be using wrong rig or baits for fish in that area.

    As i am South of the border down Mexico way i am not sure what species she should be targeting.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Fishing spots redcliffe area ????

    Any of the beaches along the Scarborough, Redcliffe, Margate area. (they are bay beaches NOT surf beaches) If she doesnt already know, explain structure to her. Have a drive around at dead low tide and observe the structure - there is plenty of it within easy casting range - then fish it when it is covered by the tide. Use just enough weight to reach it (there is little current movement so you dont have to anchor your bait) but it can be a bit tricky if the prevailing wind is from any easterly direction. early morning and late afternoon/evening are best times (and avoids the swimmers as well). You wont 'bag out' there, but its as good a landbased area as any around the peninsula. Species on offer are Bream, Flathead, Whiting.....sometimes small moses perch....and the usual vermin. Baits would be live worms, preserved worms, fish flesh (mullet), pillie chunks, squid, whitebait, prawns. ( I am assuming she is a bait fisho). If she is into SP's....then any of the smaller ones will do the trick. Just tell her NOT to fish the Gayundah Arboretum park...its a green zone....also one of the most accessible and comfortable areas to fish . The Woody Point Jetty is also worth a shot...but can get a bit crowded - and not a light line prospect. Could also try the rockwalls at the entrance to the Newport canals....easy access and a nice picnic area complete with electric BBQ's and covered tables.


    PS. What part of 'mexico' are you at....assuming she comes originally from i can relate similarities to compare.

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    Re: Fishing spots redcliffe area ????

    Moved around a lot... currently Cranbourne ...handy to Port phillip and Westernport

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    Re: Fishing spots redcliffe area ????

    ok - then same sort of rigs as used in targetting bream and flathead off the shore down there ...very similar scenario...just more structure off the beaches up here. Similar to the shore based fishing at Lakes Entrance. Even some of the areas down Dromana way.......or round the other side near Geelong. Similar sort of terrain. (though a hell of a lot warmer to fish).


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    Re: Fishing spots redcliffe area ????

    Try this video from the tv show coastwatch. It may be a few years old but the info is still well and truly relevant today.


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    Re: Fishing spots redcliffe area ????

    I would agree with sleepy Greg "Could also try the rock walls at the entrance to the Newport canals....easy access and a nice picnic area complete with electric BBQ's and covered tables"

    This is a nice spot and also good if you want to take the kids as they can run around and ride bikes on the bike path while you fish. Have done well there late arvo into the night and as there are lights it makes it easy to see and a little bit safer for your daughter. Lots of people walk their dogs along the path up to 7.30 - 8.00 so she can feel safe. I have caught Bream, Tailor and Flathead along the wall. Just use some light gear and try and fish a couple of hours either side of the tide. There is not enough water in this spot at dead low.

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    Re: Fishing spots redcliffe area ????

    some good numbers of bream can be caught just off the rock wall 'seaway' from scarborough boat ramp. not the best season at the moment. i think this is the newport wall crafty referred to. smaller flathead like this area too. would be a good idea to put down a burley cage or bomb. use as little lead as possible. you'll get em.

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    Re: Fishing spots redcliffe area ????

    Thats a different spot Seriola, but also worth a shot. No BBQ's, but does have picnic tables and Toilets.


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