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Thread: kev from wynnum

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    kev from wynnum

    Hi all just built myself a plate alloy centre console keen to get out and enjoy the bay

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    Re: kev from wynnum

    i hope you get lots of good fun mate to build your own boat would give you great satisfaction well done.

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    Re: kev from wynnum

    Welcome and well done with the boat, LOL wish I could weld allow, cool.

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    Re: kev from wynnum

    Welcome aboard Kev.


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    Re: kev from wynnum

    Mate, I can picture quite a few spotties coming in over the gunnels. Well done,certainly looks the goods alright.
    Don`t ever be afraid to ask any questions mate,no matter how big or small there will always be someone on here that would be able to help out.
    Anyhow my friend,goodluck with your fishing.

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