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Thread: North Qld this weekend

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    Re: North Qld this weekend

    Nah - some of the boys went out Saturday and came back with some nice crays. Haven't had a chance to catch them up to find out what the water was like re vis. Water was filthy around here so I went up to the swimming holes and relaxed in the cool instead of the murk. Saturday was like glass - you must be p*ssed off!!

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    Re: North Qld this weekend

    yeah mate Pissed off is an understatement considering a mate went out and got over 50 fish (line fishing) and i am now in brisbane for 6 weeks and can't go till i get back... i think the vis would have been pretty good.. we could see the bottom in 6m of water where we were fishing and it was only 5km off shore..


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    Re: North Qld this weekend

    yeah surprisingly the water was very clean down this way as well, I would've though with all the fresh draining it would have been like coffee. Though i have also heard rports that the water coming over the dams and weirs is also very clear, and there is much hype that the jungle perch numbers should increase quite a bit this year which is good to hear

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    Re: North Qld this weekend

    Yeah it supprised us when we came home at low tide there was fresh water coming out of the creek for a good 2-3km's but it was all really clean/clear water, made spotting the sand so much easier.. not the normal merky stuff that you normally get after big downpoors, more like running freshwater creek systems..

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    Re: North Qld this weekend

    Went about 35km out and the vis was at least 20 metres so you missed a good day!

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    Re: North Qld this weekend

    haha yeah thats always out luck... best days when we can't go.. did you get many fish or were they pretty quiet??


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