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    Re: Jigging Rod and Reel

    Hi Ronnie
    Around 6 months ago i was in a similiar position as yourself finding myself wanting to invest in Jigging.After weeks of research I ended up purchasing a Saragosa 18000 strapped to a Shimano T Curve Deep Jig 400 Spin. I had previously used a upgraded Spheros and while found its performance to be quite good, was tempted into the Saragosa and never looked back. Spooled with Varivas Big one 85lb Jiging braid made it this outfit can handle pretty well anything the ocean can dish out (including relatively large sharks).
    I am also extremely happy with the T Curve as it has plenty of grunt down low but a tip capable of dropping lighter 120g or 150g jigs for shallow water.
    Found after a few trips and a few reef shark encounters the drag was not as smooth straight out of the box(running at 13kg drag will usually do that).
    Took the sopool down to Jones' Tackle in Brissie and had upgraded washers put in on the spot for a pretty good price.
    hope i could be of service
    Another reason for the largerspool size and line class I will hope fully get a chance to take reel to NQ and do battle with some real brutes some day soon.

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    Re: Jigging Rod and Reel

    Thanks Dan

    I have opted to go overhead with a Shimano Reel and I recently had the opportunity thanks to Bill Corten to use one of the new Live Fibre Sportfishing Venom Series of jig rods. Absolutely brilliant. light, easy to handle and well made. Don't think I can go wrong with a Live Fibre and maybe spending a little more but at the end of the day you have to have something you are comfortable with.


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    Re: Jigging Rod and Reel

    Hi Dan how much Varivas big one 85lb braid fitted on to the saragosa I have just bought one and I am not sure how much to buy.How are you finding the combo.

    Thanks Denis

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