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    New From South Brisbane


    I'm just starting out trying to catch some dinner - and not being entirely effective . Mostly shore fishing w/bait atm. But just starting down the road to the 1st boat.

    Will no doubt be asking some dumb questions from here on in - but will try and search out as much as I can beofre opening my gob.....



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    Re: New From South Brisbane

    Welcome mate.
    Firstly, thanks from em for this line>>>>[QUOTE] but will try and search out as much as I can beofre opening my gob/QUOTE]
    Nothing worse on a forum than newbies who constantly ask things that have been covered adnausiem{sp} hundreds of times.
    Dumb questions are fine by me. I am sure I've asked a few in my time.

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    Re: New From South Brisbane

    Haven't we bloody all..........Welcome aboard mate !!!

    Enjoy....get some good info on here !!

    Big Mexican Wave for the Newby ..........1....2.....3.......GO !
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    Re: New From South Brisbane

    Cheers and welcome

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    Re: New From South Brisbane

    You could act as if nothing is going to happen to you if you ask how to fish soft plastics Give it a try!!

    But there will always be someone on this forum to help you, no matter what the question


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    Re: New From South Brisbane

    Just remember mate, the only dumb question is one that isn't asked.

    Even if you do ask something that's been asked before, I'm sure people will still be more than happy to help.

    Welcome to a great community mate, I'm sure you'll learn a lot.

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