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    starting out

    hey all, been offline for yonks, just thinking of starting out in spearfishing, any tips on what spear to get? all i want is a basic one to start with, no gun or fancy sh!t

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    Re: starting out

    1 X 6ft aluminium handspear.
    1 X Goggle & Snorkel Set
    1 X Set of fins that are comfortable, not tight, not loose.
    1 X Wetsuit or Boardies and suncream.
    Them's be your basics.
    Now find a few headlands with rocky rubble around them and have a snorkel around. Probably best off going in without the spear for the first few times if you're new to snorkeling/diving to get comfortable with movement & breathing.

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    Re: starting out

    google shallow water blackout and do some research.

    never hyperventilate before you dive or exhale before you reach the surface.

    dive with a buddy. dont be scared, just be aware of the risks.

    dont pull the trigger till you're sure. nothing worse than hurting a fish and then letting it go.


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