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    Howz it going fellas(and ladies)

    Hello, my name is Darren, ive been lurking around on here for a while, so i joined up and here i am. My best fishing has been in north Queensland, i dont fish down here all that much, just find it frustrating because of the traffic we get down here. Dont get me wrong there is alot of good fishing to be had, but for those who have experienced isolated and underfished areas of the top and, the SE doesnt compare. anyways, most of my fishing is iin the bay, around the mouth of the port and the islands out from there. Sweetlip, bream, snapper, cod and macks are usually the catch. I have been lucky tho, i landed my one and only SE QLD jack on the wall at the mouth of the river. it was 64cm and 2.4kg clean. not my best but i was very excited when i caught it. well i hope to chat with you all sometime in the future and share our trips.
    till then.

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    Re: Howz it going fellas(and ladies)

    Cheers and welcome

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