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    New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    Looking at purchasing a New Great Wall 4 X 4. Cheaper than most and seen as I do not do much 4 wheel driving, hoping its a good buy for when I do have reason to get to out of the way fishing spots.

    Anybody know anything about this 4 X 4

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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    Hi Kingkev

    PM Newby I believe he has the dealership up your way. Probably there is an AF price too, or at least you can try.

    Apparently the NCAP (crash) tests were not brilliant so probably best not to run them into walls or semi s!

    What could go wrong.......................

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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    Hmm I'd steer well clear.

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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    Get it from the people who own them.

    There's a few more threads about them on that site as well.
    Those that don't own them knock them, those that do own them like them. Same as any other brand.

    Story goes they're a knocked off rodeo body with older model triton running gear? I wouldn't know, that's just what I've read.

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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    Hi Kingkev

    I also have been pondering the X 240 and they do seem to offer a lot of bang for your buck. Mjc85 is right that crash test results have not been favourable but lets not forget it is only in the last 10 years or so that most buyers have placed such emphasis on such things and many people would still be driving around in vehicles with similar or less protection in a accident.

    Great Wall have a vast list of very reputable component suppliers who are also supplying other manufacturers that some praise to the hilt and lets not forget if there is one thing the Chinese are VERY good at to say the least and that is " Reverse Engineering ".Buy another manufacturers vehicle dismantle it and copy it piece by piece.




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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    I know when we were fishing with NEWBY, I asked him about them and he said that when the first turned up at his dealership there were a few sceptics, but the put it up on the hoist and went right over it to see what they are like. He certainly spoke it up as being reasonable kit, especially for the $.

    As Chimo suggested, give him a PM for the full bottle.


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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    Quote Originally Posted by mjc85 View Post
    Hmm I'd steer well clear.

    What he said ..

    Buy a used Jap 4WD for the same money ..

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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    I had a gander at them.
    Some body parts from Isuzu B-max (look at the doors). Some mechanicals from Mitsubishi from about 6-7 years ago.
    But the sad bit is the crash rating. 2 star. Sad, but true.
    The bodies were not put together like a Japanese car either. The tub had HUGE gaps in it.
    The really, really sad bit is the price of a towbar. At that time only factory ones were available and cost near as much as the rest of the truck...well nearly

    Here's another thread about them
    I intend on living far so good

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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    Wouldnt get one of their utes, might get a 'coolbear' when they get here tho


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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    I'll take the HOVER TT.

    But I think it needs a bit more than 93kw.

    Cheers Mick.

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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    Lmao, yeh you be way safer getting a used D22 which you can pickup for around the same price with 100,000kms on it. Guaranteed to outlast the GW, and many more aftermarket parts available, many used parts about and surely being built in Japan the build quality of a D22 (3.0L version) is at least twice as good as a GW.


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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    Well I bit the bullit and get it on Friday

    Hopefully no big problems and some good out of the way places to kill some fish and camp with the family.

    Keep you informed

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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    I think some of the older members here would remember when the Japs came into the market. I was into motor bikes then and the negative stories went around about Honda Vs pommie bikes, well look whar happened.

    The same for Toyota. People looked down their noses at Landcruisers.

    If the Great Wall are not good now just wait as it the Japanese experience was anything to go by they will do pretty well.

    The Asian's are quick learners.

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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    How many 4WD users will serioulsy be looking at the crash ratings.

    Then compare how the great wall rates compared to a 10 year old hilux or any pre air bag car......Hmm I wonder how it compares to a 40 series cruser

    If we were all buying 4WD's on the basis of the crash rating......the road would be full of subaru's.

    Yeh I remember all sorts of people pissing on new cars from the east.
    Most of the brands they were dead against are now considered some of the safest and most reliable cars on the, toyota, suzuki, subaru.. and more recently hyundi.

    Yeh there was always some rubbish about.... but where is your toyota or nissan whatever manufactured about the components.

    I'll be interested to see how they pull up after a few years.

    Its the details, those little details, that make the difference.

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    Re: New Great Wall 4 X 4......any good?

    You are so right oldboot, coming out of Thailand ute factories.




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