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Thread: Gday all

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    Gday all

    Well , i've been lurking on here for about 12 months and finally decided to get fair dinkum and jump back into the fishing after alot of years out it . Just bought a 5.25 Brooker and am keen to catch some decent fish with the young fella.

    Cheers Davo

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    Re: Gday all

    Davo - I've been on here for a month or two and generally just sitting on the fence watching the posts. We bought a 5.4mt Savage about 15 months ago and are also trying to get serious with the fishing. If only work didn't get in the way!

    We try to get to Agnes Waters as much as possible weather permitting, and have had a few successful days. Where are you located? Any luck so far?


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    Re: Gday all

    Yeah, don't like that work thing. Slows things down a bit.Have'nt dropped it in the water yet. Bought it just before Christmas and have been away since. Was hoping to go to a couple of local spots ( Scarborough reef )this week but the weather was a bit how ya going yesterday and today . Would'nt know how these spots fish any more compared to when i used to go out there. I'm at Deception Bay.

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    Re: Gday all

    Been out of touch for a couple of days - Can't help with you any points down that way unfortunately. We're on a farm outside of Murgon, so no matter we have to travel all the time, so we decided the extra hour or so travel to Agnes/1770 is definately worth it. We've got a week up there from Monday but it doesn't look to promising for us to get out. Hopefully the end of next week things may turn around a bit.

    Good luck with your maiden voyage, hope you catch plenty..

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