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Thread: Spearfishing Luderick

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    Spearfishing Luderick

    I've always refrained from targetting Luderick with the handspear, just because it's a little too easy (you can almost touch them with your hand around here).

    Anyone else have qualms with spearing them? They aren't a bad table fish so I'm starting to think I should just bag a couple next time I get the handspear out.

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    Re: Spearfishing Luderick

    Mate get into them. They are very common and your taking a feed isn't going to cause mass extinction! What I do to up the fun level is to only target the largest fish. They are smarter, faster and better eating! I do this with bream as well, only targetting the largest fish makes it a lot more interesting and you get a much better feed.
    There are plenty of times here when bream and luderick are the only available species when shorediving, with this approach I still have a fun dive and score some nice tucker as well.

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    Re: Spearfishing Luderick

    that's how I learned to use a handspear. Luderick were around in big numbers and becasue they would come in for a look, and were found at a variety of depths, and terrains. They were the first fish I started on becasue they were an easy target, and even though the spear just slammed into one, they would always come back. They also taught me of the value of keeping your prongs sharp (their tough scales can be hard to penetrate) and waiting that little bit longer (or firing earier) to get a better, more direct shot.

    Plus they tasted great on the bbq, cooked in a bit of butter with salt and pepper mmm yum!

    Yes they are easy, more of a beginner fish, but hey, they are (or at least were, last time I was in NSW) in good numbers, and taste good, so if you want a feed there's absolutely no shame in taking them

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    Re: Spearfishing Luderick

    dude get into it.. catch what you need withing the bag limit and once you have what you need try to chase something more challenging.

    dont kill anything you wont eat!


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    Re: Spearfishing Luderick

    yeah go for it, it's just a another fish, easy head shots and there is often a big one or few in the school that are often a little more shy so more sporting.

    cheers fnq

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    Re: Spearfishing Luderick

    Mate luderick are cunning, they just dont stay still to be shot, I tried many times...I had more chance using a float than a spear then again I lost the knack of spearing. At 50, I dont have any spearing buddies where I live


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