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Thread: Poor form from fisho's

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    Poor form from fisho's

    Hi All

    Just finished reading ( on ninemsn ) about the fella spear fishing and was attacked by a shark who asked some fisho's in there boat for help and all they offered to do was call up help on the radio.

    Couldn't imagine it being any Ausfisher as i am sure any of us would have rendered as much help as possible.

    Hope karma finds its way around to these people.

    Merry Chrissy to all Ausfishers and there families.




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    Re: Poor form from fisho's

    Just read the story myself.... Very, very poor form.
    Even if the spearo's had done something earlier to piss off the fishos, it's still inexcusable.

    Only thing I can think of, if anything, was that if the mates (as the report stated) had already bandaged up the wound, then the fisho's may not have seen how bad it really was?

    I guess, I wasn't there, so am unable to form an informed opinion... but on face value, I agree, very poor form indeed.

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    Re: Poor form from fisho's

    i know of some fisho's that will be getting lumps of coal in their Chrissy sock this year...

    Mrs Benno1

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    Re: Poor form from fisho's

    hmmmm..I know what I would have done..his mates had already bandaged the wound. I am not trained in first aid therefore I would have radioed for help.
    I think his mates are idiots..the report says he had a severed artery and needed a blood transfusion...time wasted in any boat getting him back to shore could have seen him bleed to death..on the radio and get a chopper with professionals on board would be a far safer way of dealing with incident.

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    Re: Poor form from fisho's

    That is a good case for a name and shame with picture of the boat. Very callous especially at Christmas time. Goodwill to all men????

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    Re: Poor form from fisho's

    anyone got the link?

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    Re: Poor form from fisho's

    from memory they where 100nm out and the other boat was a charter boat.

    Don't take any of this a gospel it's from my memory and early news reports.

    I dunno if I would have done the run back with him either, it sounds like a job for a chopper.

    cheers fnq

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    Re: Poor form from fisho's

    I think the best solution would be to head home in the fastest boat until met by the chopper provided it had the best area for the injured person to be winched off. It does not take long to bleed out when the adrenalin kicks in and it is dangerous when people go into shock with out a medic there. Most cases it is best not to remove the wetsuite but to bandage over it. Probably never hear all the story as to why.

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    Re: Poor form from fisho's

    omg.....what is wrong with people? Why would you NOT help?

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    Angry Injured shark victim was refused help

    Wonder if they think it will never happen to them(needing help)


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    Re: Injured shark victim was refused help

    i cant believe this has happened, i saw the article and think they should charge these f***wits with something if they can find them.]. thats almost like leaving the scene of an accident,. totally irresponsible and not a great ammbassador for boaties and fisherman alike. pricks.
    "izzz izzz izzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"... sounds of heaven.

    "You're gonna need a bigga esky!"

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    Re: Poor form from fisho's

    thought i would copy and past this from the GLADSTONE OBSERVER newspaper
    Posted by robbo from Gayndah, Queensland
    22 December 2009 9:05 a.m. | Suggest removal | Post reply

    I am wondering why the other side of the story has not been told. The fisherman that was supposed to have not helped actually radioed for help, organised the air sea rescue and did all that he could to help this boy. He thought that by moving him onto his boat he would have made injuries worse, and his boat may have been bigger but was not faster than the boat the spearfishermen were in. he was not a commercial fisherman, he was out fishing with his family and he did what he thought was the best for this boy. he was later thanked by air sea rescue. These spear fishermen were 44 nautical miles out to sea without a working radio. without the help of this fisherman this boy would have not made it to help as quickly as he did. did the spearfishermen log onto airsea rescue when the left the harbour? Why did they not have the correct equipment for a trip to sea? This fisherman has been kicked in the guts by someone who he helped to save their life. Why is it that people always look to blame others for their own stupidity. The facts need to be told not a one sided biast opinion of a very ungrateful and negligent person.

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    Re: Poor form from fisho's

    I agree wholeheartedly with the quote supplied above.

    This kid and his mates were 44 mile out without a working radio, they had obviously treated the bite as best they could with shirts (anyone heard of a first aid kit?) and as above, just because a boat is bigger DOES NOT mean it is faster.

    They had a capable boat, and the skipper of the dive boat neglected his general safety obligation, in not having a radio, or first aid kit, yet the boat that does help, and DOES do the right thing, get branded as a prick, or as showing poor form or whatever anyone else has to say about them. They've done all they could and did the right thing, last time I check emergency services told you to stay put in the event on a serious injury so you would be easier to locate than a moving target. And moving the victim would have done more harm than good.

    The proper way to react would be to immediatly treat the wound, then contact emergency services for help, keep the victim calm and STAY PUT so as to not stress the victim out and cause more damage than what was already there and make yourselves easier to locate when emergency services come looking. if anything it was these divers who did the wrong thing, not the only person who obviously knew what to do, that is, the person who is now copping all sorts of flack because the divers acted bet is they weren't very polite about it either.

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    Re: Poor form from fisho's

    whats the weather like up there guys


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