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Thread: mask and snorkel which one

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    mask and snorkel which one

    Well I want to buy a mask and snorkel to play with just around the islands and coral and to have in the boat in case I need to have a look at the leg or hull. Not sure about spearing yet but maybe in the future.

    What do I look for?
    how much?
    any hints would be good.


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    Re: mask and snorkel which one

    You want one that fits the shape of your face otherwise you'll forever be clearing water out. For spearing you really need a black skirt - clear lets light in and makes it hard for eyes to adjust when looking in holes, caves etc. If that's all you're doing I'd go real cheap. You'll find some good combo's on special at most stores.

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    Re: mask and snorkel which one

    pm sent Krazy

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    Re: mask and snorkel which one

    when people say go cheap... what is cheap for mask and snorkel?

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    Re: mask and snorkel which one

    Cheap combos go for $50

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    Re: mask and snorkel which one

    thanks all I will have a look around at what fits best around the $50 mark.... than have to get some fins

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    Re: mask and snorkel which one

    Mate - it depends on what you are doing. I would be inclined to spend a bit more though and make sure it wont leak and is a comfortable snorkel that clears easily, has a splash guard etc...I got fitted recently. As it turned out the only mask out of racks of different types that really fitted me well was a well known italian brand that allows for prescription lenses ($90 down to $60 on special) and a good quality snorkel at $40.00. I bought some Mares fins in a good strong (but not too strong) design for $130 and I doubt I will wear that gear out - especially the fins - in a lifetime. I want to get the kids out to do a fair whack of snorkelling so its a good investment. If you go cheap combo for what you are after thats fine, but still get fitted up, cause if it leaks you wont like it. Also get some of that gel that stops fogging.

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    Re: mask and snorkel which one

    I got a combo for about $70 fits well and will do me to see if I enjoy it.

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