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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    The officers must like me. They pulled me over to check my prawns 3 times in one day.
    Now I have this complex every time I see one.

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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    Quote Originally Posted by smashed crabs View Post

    Wrong doers are individuals they dont form clubs and join groups, they dont get together and talk about how many fish over the bag limmit they caught or how many pots they robbed or stole, why? because they are self centered mongrels that have no respect for others, these are the worst individual you can have.

    Thats me right there, " WRONG DOER " " RED NECK " " COWBOY " an individual that dont want to join a club or have group hugs or whatever..Im not a team player and never will be. i had to delete the rest as Steve will ban me..............GIDDY ON UP

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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    Quote Originally Posted by Wahoo View Post
    Thats me right there, " WRONG DOER " " RED NECK " " COWBOY " an individual that dont want to join a club or have group hugs or whatever..Im not a team player and never will be. i had to delete the rest as Steve will ban me..............GIDDY ON UP
    Wahoo back giddy up, Who said anything about working as team?

    Wahoo who put you in that category? you did and all by yourself

    Wahoo i thank you for your post

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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    Quote Originally Posted by BR65 View Post
    Do the right thing, obey the rules (whether you agree with it or not - thats why we have a democracy - vote em out or run yourself and have a crack), treat others how you expect to be treated - no problems yeah?

    Boating/fishing/crabbing does seem to attract an extrordinary large amount of fools who have no common sense, no morals, and no idea - pity that!
    Great post by BR65, does anyone else here want to pin them selves with the lower half , any taker's?

    There is great value with every post made in here, how you perceive or interpret them is purley up to you.
    The idea of starting this thread was to have individual thoughts and ideas brought to the table, onec you make you post it becomes part of a collective.What you take away from it is your choice.


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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    Quote Originally Posted by flatzie View Post
    Smashed Crabs
    maybe you should become a fisheries police inspector whatever! You sound like you got it wired, sniffing out the cowboys!
    Hell no, no thanks to Mr Hillier i got branded with the name of Shadow but thats okay after our little run in he got branded with the name Captain Holly-Wood.Still see him time to time on TV and down at the ramp.

    My run in with fisheries officers use to been frequent over the years( and im not talking about hows ya mother type of stuff), most of the arguments was from me telling them how useless i thought they where.

    I would sit down and read up on fisheries legislation and im not just talking about the simple stuff , find the loop holes and then front up at the fisheries office and say im going to do this, you tell me why i cant.
    Well it had them completly stuffed, they would scramble around trying to find where it was written with there eyes popping out and tell me that i was not to do a thing untill they followed it up, to which i replied see you on the water, to which they replied i will throw the book at you, to which i replied see ya there i will bring the pen.

    One of the arguments was a pearler, face to face and spit going everywhere, all in all my individual actions forced the officers to brush up on legislation, because they never knew what stunt i would pull next.

    Good times! Cant beat good old war stories

    To cut a long story short Flatzie , NO

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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    iAnother area in which there is a difference of opinion, and as usual there is strong arguements on both sides. i havent got any problem with the fisheries doing their jobs as i got boarded 12 miles out, all ok. but my problem is upon returning to the ramp to see the fisheries putting boat on trailer and walk passed an asian family with a bucket full of under size fish in clear view of them with nothing done. i find this un explainable and unbelivable as i got a warning for my life jackets as they had lost their tags.
    i am for fisheries patrols but there has to be balance across the full spectrum of rec fishing not just the boaties . the best thing that can be done is to allow the officer discression in their interptation of the law.
    I think fisheries have a hard job but education is the key. Start in schools and fihing comp and boat shows.


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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    I know applied to become one and commenced my studies with their pilot training programme between Qld TAFE (Gateway Campus) and DPIF /QBFP, uni courses took too long and people had to be retrained to "their way".

    I managed to get 5 people into jobs but ####ed myself up by going public and made the headlines on the Northern Star ...Caption "Students Reel in DPI".

    The selection crieria has to be addressed and seemed to be based on some US Psychology profiling format, unless you are about 18 to 27 forget about it unless you kiss arse with the boss or blood related...I know how it works I also use to be in the Government many years ago.

    Too many chiefs and not enough indians.

    That's my spin...Peter

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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    Only had chats with them twice..once this year and the previous time was about 1970. I don't have a problem with them...they have a job to do. I don't get into arguments with them with spit going everywhere..I obey the rules most of the time therefore have no problems or guilty conscience. I prefer to go about my business and let them go about theirs.

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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    Quote Originally Posted by Noelm View Post
    I don't think the probelm is people getting caught, and Fisheries doing their job, it is more people NOT getting caught because the patrols are so far and few between simply because there is not enough officers to fully cover their "zone"
    This is not the case at all, im am qualified to become an officer but, they are not hiring anyone because of the budget.The budget runs the whole operation with out money nothing can get done.

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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    Wahoo, you are part of a group its called Ausfish! You contribute as much as anyone else and aren't affraid to voice your oppinion, popular or not. Thats what makes this forum great.

    As for me, I just wish we had more Fisheries Officers..... Like 3 times the amount!!!! Or more! Too many people getting away with raping our waters because the Pittiful excuse for a government seriously underfunds them.

    Then as a result they bring in more restrictions on little or no science. In the end it is only the blokes doing the right thing that get hurt! The majority will continue to do the right thing by the legislation even as it continues to curtail our favorite past time while the deadsh!ts continue to flaunt the Regs.

    I can understand some officers having an attitude with some of the crap they must put up with because you know what the type(that overtly break the fishing regs) would be like dealing with once caught.

    Solution for this whole bloody thread is to hire a heap more of them. The majority of us will be far better off!


    Democracy: Simply a system that allows the 51% to steal from the other 49%.

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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    G/day Fellas great day hey. So we all seem to agree that the regs and rules are ok and that we can work with it , no problem it's just the way the rules and Regs are interpretated by the general public and the officers. Therefore maybe we need a 3 strike system and that they can explain why and how, and we can take this in, and maybe contact the officers if we still don't agree.
    Probably like me when fishing was free and plenty, I still recall and miss them days, and find it hard to comprehend the rules some times. But you have to roll with the swell these days, as where only small group, but donate a lot to the State ( tax).
    Yes I get pissed too when you see some things let go and I have heard and seen as i'm the water everyday nearly. But what can be done there, if they don't wont to charge, man we have been told to forget it quiet a few times . ( undercover they could be ).

    Just loving it, Good on ya's

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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    Well said , from all
    Social networking , great stuff

    Education and promotion is lacking.Fisheries Officers should visit school's and talk to the little people.

    A suggestion for volunteer officers was brought up on another thread by a young fella, very interesting idea.
    I had brought up the idea of fisheries liason officer's, it works for the police.
    Another possible idea would be a totally independant group of Volunteers, purely for education and promotion.
    As far as im aware you can volunteer with the fisheries, not as an officer, only for education and promotion down at your local ramp.I think this is not a bad idea, a couple of times heading down to put the tinny in i had wanted the fisheries to be there to ask a question but they were not there and i spent the day fishing anyway with my question burning my brain, thinking gee i wonder if im doing the right thing here?

    I realy do feel enough is not been done, i come from the days of open slather when i could jump in my boat and nick of to the shelf on my own, put on 60 fish and go home,in those days i didnt fish for fun, i fished for food, those fish feed 4 families.
    Fishing for me in those days and providing for my family gave me a great sense of pride.
    I look at my young bloke now and think he will never know those days, he will never be able to do the same as i have done, what will the future hold for him?.
    I dont want my young bloke coming up to me in when im old and buggered and saying guess what dad there is going to be a 1fish bag limit on barra.

    My young bloke is 5 now, this is him before he turned 3, he drives and i tie the crabs.Teaching him young from the get go and arming him the my knowledge and the great knowledge of others is my individual contribution towards our fishery. This is my new sense of pride, ehanched from collective knowledge of others.

    I choose what i take away from your post's, no one choose's for me.
    All your post's here are highly valued for me and my young bloke and i have been running him through and exsplain your post's to him.

    Thankyou all again for your contribution's towards this collective of knowledge

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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    Very well explained Smashed Crab, agree in short. So if you could put that to the authorities might be a great start for 2010. Your very good at putting the point across.


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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    It would be nice just to see more of these fisheries officers out our way (west of the blue mountains). Plently of dropper setting, gill netting and drum net setting happening all the time in our local river.

    I fish pretty regularly and so do my mates..... Only been pulled up once in 20 years of fishing!

    Three officers to cover the massive western/central section of NSW just isn't enough!

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    Re: Fisheries Officers, Get it off Ya chest!

    The last time I applied for one of their jobs was 2 years ago, got in fo testing then one in you had to complete a teamplay role and given some bullshit scrambled test and hod to work out a the mathematics of building a bloody pyramid using old archaic slang and how long it took to build to build if every anyon was a day off and it required three bogons to lay 10 pickets each day x 15 hour days but every 5th day they had a day off but then a gremlin worked on that day etet etet tecc....

    People who applied were mixed sex i.e. male and female. Female federal copper from Canberra wanted to join so she could come back and stay in Qld,..ex army bloke, current serving DPI people, a international student coordinator from Sunshine Coast, another copper from NSW and another 7 of various backgrounds and occupations. All were tested to see if they can drive and operate a vessel.

    Only 3 positions Queensland Wide and out of 640 applicants, it was culled to 140 and further culled to 25, I know, I was one of the 25. At the end of the day it still is not what you know but who you know or related to in the department...people who say otherwise are pissng in the wind.


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