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Thread: anchoring cats

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    anchoring cats


    Just wondering the best way to anchor a cat. Is it best to install a cleat near the middle and if so is it safe to drive the anchor off from there.


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    Re: anchoring cats

    Mate the rule for driving off the anchor regardless of boat type is from the front , never never from the rear. This works for cats, you just have to start at a greater angle to the anchor rope so it comes around the front of the starboard hull.

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    Re: anchoring cats

    no problems driving off the anchor (from the front or slightly to the side is the go) I also have a bollard just in front of the driving position (that I can reach) and sometimes use that, just undo the front rope, re-attach to the one near me and away I go, use enough power, not fast, but not putt putt either, you need a bit of power so when it all comes up tight, the weight of the boat going forward will pull the anchor straight away.

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