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    New Boat - Quintrex Hornet or Makocraft tracker?

    Hi Fellows,

    This is my first posting so please bear with me if i don't have the etiquet correct yet.

    I'm looking to upgrade my Webster twinfisher 3.8 to a Hornet 4.4 or maybe a Makocraft tracker 440 and need some help to sort the s*** from the clay.

    A summary of boat ramp chats with hornet owners leaves me understanding that they are very happy campers and would only change boats for another hornet.

    Have no feedback regarding Makocraft apart from dealer who was anti quintrex.

    Is there another hull i should consider in the same class?

    Also does anyone know a quintrex dealer who is happy to sell just a basic Hull without all the bling?

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    Re: New Boat - Quintrex Hornet or Makocraft tracker?

    Yes mate,

    all dealers will be able to sell you the basic model hornet with just bench seats, a basic casting platform and unpainted if you wish. You can add on any options you want then.

    Check out my boat for sale in the classifieds

    • 469 Stacer open Seahorse/Nomad
    • 50hp 4 stroke tiller Mercury
    • Heaps of extras, in top condition

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