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    Which Witchetty Grub


    Hi Guy’
    At a glance it is hard for us to distinguish the real grub from the man made fly. We all know of course they are both the same. The point is when you are chasing a fish in gin clear water you need your fly to look the part. And this yellow grub with a little scent added will increase your chances of landing that hungry fish. The fly itself has action when you strip line. And when left to its own devices will sink slowly in a swaying action. It can be fished alongside the river banks or under any over hanging tree as these are natural places a fish would expect to find such a Grub. Its bright yellow flesh stands out well to any fish in early morning or late afternoon light when the river can takes on a dark appearance or has heavy Tanning. Over the years I have used this fly in fresh water with great results, How ever I have no doubt it would perform just as well on Bream or any other such fish in salt water, as it is virtually indestructible. And can be created very easily.

    1 Use any curved hook that will give you the desired shape and size you require.
    2 Overlay the hook from the eye to the middle of the bend with thread, allowing the bobbin to hang at this point on the hook. This thread is to stop the overlaying plumbers tape from slipping.
    3 Now get yourself some plumbers pink thread tape and starting at the hook end, Tie it in place, leaving the bobbin hang there.
    4 Next lay the tape tightly around the hook moving up and down until you have the desired thickness and shape, ending up at the eye or head of the grub ware you will tie it off later.
    5 Now turn the bobbin thread around the grub’s body moving towards the eye of the hook creating the ridges in the flesh. Tie off at the grubs head and cement.
    6 Go over the grubs with a yellow hi-lighter, you can use any color you like.
    7 Next use a green marker pen to hight light the ridges in the grubs flesh, and a black pen for its head.
    8 The last step is to coat over the entire grub with a spray on glaze to add a fleshy appearance.

    If you must use a glaze with odour place the fly out in the open for a few days or so to remove the unnatural smell. And try not to use nail varnish as a cement, fish can smell this at the other end of the river.

    Regards Michael.

    Pic’s are on a 10 mm grid.

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    Re: Which Witchetty Grub


    Where does the yellow colour come from in the flesh?


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    Re: Which Witchetty Grub

    Hi Steve sorry mate I left that bit out ,I will upgrade the post. All I did was go over the pink plumbers tape with a yellow hi-lighter. you can use any color you like, I just thought a bright color would stand out. I find a spray on glaze dose not disturb the colors under neath, and when set hard is water prof.


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