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    The Reasons We Fly Fish

    I guess at the end of the day we all have our reasons to pick up the wand, and look for that perfect spot in the river. As for myself, creating the fly is the start of along line of pleasures I derive from this pastime.

    It involves the study of my adversary's habits, some understanding of his environment and a love of what I do.

    As I stand alone in that running stream, Knee deep in gin clear water following my fly as it drifts down to wards me, and in the next moment experience the explosion on the surface as my fly line slices sideways through the film and the rod loads, followed by a swirl and a splash as the dry fly disappears blow the surface, the reason I came to the river is clear. The adrenalin runs, the fish begins its fight, and I become one with him.

    I have tricked that fish into taking something made from feather and fur and presented it in away that appears real to him. And from this point on, I value the pleasure I receive from his efforts to find freedom.

    I guess that is why I take the wand, a box of flys and go in search of a slow running river, with just the sound of water, the breeze in the trees, and most of all, some time a way from the insanities of this world.


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    Re: The Reasons We Fly Fish

    For me it started because I saw it as the last bastion of fishing to conquer.

    It was the eventual peak of the hierarchy of fishing. You start with your prawnsoaking handline, move on to rods, lures etc etc

    Eventually leading to the most challenging and most rewarding way to hunt for fish.

    Something special it truly doesnt mattter what species you target or many times even if you catch anything at all when you fish fly.

    Its the artform in itself that brings its own reward.
    Truly a blessed way to spend your free time, quite an indulgence actually.
    If you havent caught it on fly it doesnt count

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    Re: The Reasons We Fly Fish

    Hi Crazy Charlie
    when you said it's a art form in itself, you just about summed it all up. When I am drifting down a slow running river coved with over hanging trees, and I roll cast a fly right under the nose of nice fat bream just siting under that snag, thats as good as it Gets for me.

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    Re: The Reasons We Fly Fish

    While I am very much a beginner with fly fishing, I am having a go because at times a fly is more effective at catching the fish than lure or bait. I have witnessed this first hand on a number of occassion when fishing with a mate.

    I couldn't give a rats about the so called art of fly fishing. For me it is about having the skills to deliver the bait, lure or in this instance a fly to a location in order to tempt a fish to strike and the understanding of which fly to use and why!

    As I said, I'm a beginner and have lots to learn. I am also very practical, and will use the most appropriate method at the time.


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    Re: The Reasons We Fly Fish

    My boss grew up in Victoria and has been fly fishing for trout for many years. Now that he lives in SEQ, however, he prefers hard-bodies and plastics 90% of the time. He says lures/SPs are more effective in most scenarios so he can't see the point in going for the long wand first-up. Obviously there are exceptions -- when bass are being finicky, when tuna are eating tiny baitfish etc.

    I guess it all comes down to personal preference as to whether you see fly fishing simply as part of your angling arsenal, or whether you see it as an art form.

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    Re: The Reasons We Fly Fish

    I see it like this,

    Its like comparing a colour printer to a painting.

    The colour printer will give you an exact replica of your picture

    But a painting, well thats something else

    Its not an exact copy but hey ..............

    If you can appreciate the beauty of a painting ......................

    If not stick to ya colour printer

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    Re: The Reasons We Fly Fish

    hi all i fly fish to catch more fish than conventinal gear at times and here my reel scream and i like the rod bent back to the fore grip and here my reel screaming and tying flies on rainy and real windy day to swoof at a big fish to here my reel scream and i like the sudden hit and the fly line peeling out of my hand to put it to the reel and backing peeling of my screaming reel and the hunt and metal stimulation, thats why i fly fish in a nut shell and its also a very relaxing way to fish at times.

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