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    Bass / Barra / Jacks And Kermit The Frog

    Hi Guy's

    A few days back on Sunday morning I was sitting on the bank of a small but productive fresh water dam looking over the Lilly pads for any life that might stir from underneath, When all at once a small dark frog hopped from the safety of the pad to a waiting Bass.

    It's now Monday morning and I am walking around my local Spotlight store, and what should I find ( Kermit the frog ) now having the mind of a fly fisher and the memory of Sunday morning I purchased two packets from the children's party section for around $3.00 a pk. The rubber in these frog's are very soft and flexible, however it will not tear easily and gives great action in the water. When you strip line they dive and then pop back to the surface. As for the holding power of the hook in the rubber, it held well with cast after cast. I was using along roll cast which tends to to take the load of the fly, As a posed to a back cast. I use the term ( fly ) loosely for all the purists out there, I found if I sprayed cooking oil onto the hook it slid through the rubber easier. As for the gear I think you would get away with a 6w -8w wand or a small light spinning outfit. Hear are a few pic's, They tell the story and your imagination can do the rest.

    the pic's are on a 10mm grid


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    Re: Bass / Barra / Jacks And Kermit The Frog

    Interesting Michael. Can you let us know how it pans out?


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    Re: Bass / Barra / Jacks And Kermit The Frog

    hi michael,
    just wondering how your little creations are going. Have you caught any fish on them yet. After seeing those pics i might try one out on saratoga. Def worth a shot!

    cheers, dom

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    Re: Bass / Barra / Jacks And Kermit The Frog

    yeh mate

    please tell on how they work that seem to be a good idea!!!

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    Re: Bass / Barra / Jacks And Kermit The Frog

    Hi guys
    It good to see some interest in old hermit, I have tryed them out and found I could not cast well with out a backlash on the light weight fly out fit. To much weight I guess, How ever with a 9w fly rod it is a hole new ball game. I picked up some nice jacks around the mangrove roots, but I can't say old hermit lasted very long, the jacks I hooked had a bad attitude towards him, But hell at a few cents a frog I can live with the loss. As for color it did not seem to make any deferents. It was all in the action, strip line hermit dives, stop stripping for a moment and he will pop back to the surface and then its all up to the fish. At $3 a packet you cant go wrong.

    ps. Use good hooks I had a few pull strate

    Regards Michael.

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