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    49cm Bris R squire on fly

    Been working on these guys for a while - took a heavy clouser with a sp tail off an intermediate line down at about 20 feet. Took me under the boat and in to the backing on the first run.
    In the end the fat fish measured in at 49.3cm.
    Very stoked. Also landed another two - 46cm and 45cm - plus some moses perch.
    Happy days!!!

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    Re: 49cm Bris R squire on fly

    Awesome squire splashy. I think i saw you out there sat morning working the fly in the main channel near the end of Bulwer Island?


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    Re: 49cm Bris R squire on fly

    Yep - that was me and my two hounds. Where were you? What boat were you in? Do any good? There seemed to be a few boats drifting about...

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    Re: 49cm Bris R squire on fly

    I was in a small tinny by myself, motoring past you heading for the pipeline. I havent seen anyone working fly gear in that area before so it caught my attention.

    I managed 1 good threadfin.

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    Re: 49cm Bris R squire on fly

    Nice work!!! Well done on the thready. They are my next target. I'll start with lures, but take the fly rod. Could be crazy on fly trying to hold on to one of those - ha ha
    Might see you out there again

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