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    River Bass Fly's

    Hi guys
    We have all seen the bass first thing in the morning, surface feeding under a large over hanging tree as the insects fall to the water. I have tryed many small Trout type bugs on them over the years with some limited success. Until I tied the Caterpillar with attitude, he's big fat and soft and above all floats like a rubber ball. Up to now I haven't come across a bass that could pass this fly up, and being made from soft foam you can rub in sent if you have a mind to. The foam it's self will not take on water, so no weight in crease The shape and curve in the fly gives you lots of action if you twitch you rod tip. He comes across as a drowning insect in the water film sending out circular rings as he fights for survival. I have posted a photo of the critter, If any one would like some more info on the fly let me know.


    The pic's are on a 10 mm grid

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    Re: River Bass Fly's

    I fish for Bass a lot and used many Flies but nothing like that I would like some tying instruction to try out this fly

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    Re: River Bass Fly's

    Hi guys
    I have had a few requests for the tying of the Caterpillar fly,so hear is the way I do it. The hook is a offset type and can be any size you want the critter to be.The dark soft foam is app 6mm thick and comes in sheets from Clark rubber or any such out let. I bye it and cut it into 6mm wide strips the same length as the hook.The Caterpillar under belly (legs )can be any bright colored material I used some cheep tie garden string, and just unraveled it.The eyes are just red chain bead with a dot of black nail varnish for the pupil.

    1- lay a bed of thread from the hook eye down to the hook point. About hafe way along the hook tie in the legs, and continue on down to the point of the hook (this stops the foam twisting around that you will add next).

    2-place the strip of foam down the line of the hook and Tye in very tightly just back from the point.(compressing the foam) (see pic )

    3-next take the thread and moving for wards rap it around the foam and hook ending up at the eye of the hook,applying tension every 4 or 5 mil to create ridges in the foam. (I use clear nylon invisible sowing thread from my local spotlight store )

    4- next place on the red bead eyes and tie on.( cement the nylon thread at this point with supper glue ).

    5-paint the red nail varnish dots down the body and live for three or four days as fish can smell varnish as well as we can.

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    Re: River Bass Fly's

    Quote Originally Posted by imported_snapper View Post
    I fish for Bass a lot and used many Flies but nothing like that I would like some tying instruction to try out this fly

    Hi Stan I have placed the tying info for the Caterpillar fly, hope this caches you larger bass

    regards Michael.

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