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    Trailer for Seafarer Vamp

    My mate just brought a 5mtr Seafarer Vamp which sits on a Mackay trailer. I was reading a boat test in seamedia on the same hull where there was a reference to some troubles with these hulls on the wrong trailer setup.

    Apparently there were some warranty issues at one stage and seafarer recommended the use of a particular trailer setup. Does anyone know what that setup is and have some pics that I can show my mate as he is updating his trailer at the moment.

    Thanks All

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    Re: Trailer for Seafarer Vamp

    Hey Jarrah,

    I used to work for Seafarer.

    We used Redco/Tinka trailers at the time. If a boat was factory supplied with one, it extended the warranty at the time to about 6 years or something. Standard waranty was less.

    Probably 70% of dealers still fitted other branded trailers.

    Today they factory fit the same boat with a Dunbier trailer. That's the way i'd go.

    I wouldn't be too worried about the hull problems mentioned, just make sure the trailer is set up well for the boat without lots of weight on only one spot. Make sure the weight is even across all rollers.


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    Re: Trailer for Seafarer Vamp

    Seafarer Tinka Classic MT-160-MO is what you want for that hull.

    I'm not sure how you will go about ordering one of these as they were only available for purchase through Seafarer, but you can try contacting Mayfair Marine in Brisbane. The abovenamed trailer was custom built for the 5.0Mtr Seafarer hull - and for good reason - they are heavier than almost every other boat in that size category.

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    Re: Trailer for Seafarer Vamp

    Great little boat by the way - one of my all-time favourites!

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    Re: Trailer for Seafarer Vamp

    Thanks for those replies Boat boy and Ocean spirit, should give my mate plenty to go by, can't wait to get out there in the boat and try it against my HH16r.

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