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    NQ Fly Fishing Club Contact Details

    G'day all,

    I would like to give fly fishing a go.

    I'm based in Townsville and was wondering if anyone on here is a member of the NQ Fly Fishers? Or does anyone have their contact details?

    I have my own rod, reel and about 1/2 a dozen flies (all unused).

    Just looking for someone to run me through the absolute basics eg. casting & retrieving etc, so with some further practice I can actually get out on the water with it. Beers can be arranged.......

    Failing that, can anyone recommend a good DVD that is worth buying, which might give me some pointers.


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    Re: NQ Fly Fishing Club Contact Details

    Roo there are afew fly fishers and a contact I think on the fishing townsville forum

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    Re: NQ Fly Fishing Club Contact Details

    Thanks for the link Stuie. I will check it out.


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    Re: NQ Fly Fishing Club Contact Details

    G'day Roo,

    Steve Jeston is a local fly guide and instructor. No idea on what a lesson would cost, but I would be interested in sharing costs depending on what they were. Here are his contact details;


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    Re: NQ Fly Fishing Club Contact Details

    G'day Dave,

    Yeah, I would be keen to share the expense for a lesson.

    I'll chase up a price and some details and shoot you a PM.

    Do you have your own fly gear as well?

    Thanks again,

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    Re: NQ Fly Fishing Club Contact Details

    Good morning Roo
    as I am now a x-member of the Townsville fly club I can tell you, it is a very good club with lots to do, they have day trips and all so camp over trips and great days out on the water. If you have know boat they will pall you up with some one who for my self I can not help you as I am now moving to Bundaberg to live. They all so have fly tying night so that the new and old boys of the club learn more on the art of fly fishing. If you contact Harvey on 47797341 he will take you under his wing. The boys at the club all get to gather on the last Thursday night in the month


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    Re: NQ Fly Fishing Club Contact Details

    Thanks Michael.

    I'm going to try and get to their next meeting. I just read your post about catching Tilapia below. Once I can actually cast this thing some sort of distance, I might give them a shot as well. Plenty of them in the river which is only a short walk away for me.


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