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Thread: South of Eden spearfishing

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    South of Eden spearfishing

    Does anybody here dive off the rocks between Eden and Greencape? I was up there during winter and found some tracks to some very exciting looking ledges and plan to go back there in summer. Any information would be appreciated .

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    Re: South of Eden spearfishing

    PM sent cheers

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    Re: South of Eden spearfishing

    Thanks for that info Sagair ....Hope to put it to good use in Feb especially the crays... Now to build up the fitness over christmas.

    Cheers Mate..av a good one.

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    Re: South of Eden spearfishing
    Cheers J/ Jack, Dam brain finally plugged in, LOL, it was the Empire Gladstone that wrecked off Haycock Point. I noticed it seemed not to be shown on G World but the SS Sydney, New Guinea and Lyee Moon at the Green Cape Lighthouse are on GWORLD. regards gazza

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    Re: South of Eden spearfishing

    Thanks for all the info Sagair, it will keep me busy for some time I reckon. 60ft vis and warm water is not bad by southern Vic standards.

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