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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    We just need to accept that a small percentage of people in this world are are morons, and some of those morons happen to dive and some of those morons happen to fish!

    I enjoy fishing and diving and try to be considerate to everyone else. I reckon everyone who fishes should learn to dive if for no other reason to have a good look underwater, see the terrain, see where the fish actually are and I am sure you will increase your catch rate.

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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    Has made the Diveoz forum and the diver involved has put his hand up. He doers not get much support from his fellow divers.

    His name is skip

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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    Interesting read that thread on the dive site. What 'skip' does not realise is that fishermen rarely fish under the boat except in deep water. He stated he anchored 20 behind the fishing boat, which is probably exactly where the lines were in the current. Great anchoring job there Bruce!

    There are a number of other astute observations in the thread also. Particularly that the threats of violence make all fishermen look bad, and that these threats probably come from pussies trying to make themselves look tough and big on the internet.

    "The underlying spirit of angling is that the skill of the angler is pitted against the instinct and strength of the fish and the latter is entitled to an even chance for it's life."
    (Quotation from the rules of the Tuna Club Avalon, Santa Catalina, U.S.A.)

    Apathy is the enemy

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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeremy View Post
    IHe stated he anchored 20 behind the fishing boat, which is probably exactly where the lines were in the current. Great anchoring job there Bruce!
    Yeah. Not bad, eh!

    Thanks Jeremy. Certainly, I gained good info about my GPS mark from that post.


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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    Just had a read of their thread. Seems like they are just like us. The majority are courtious, law abiding folk going about their recreation with the passion we do. They also have the 'cowboys' who think that 'might is right' and its ok to p%ss of the "opposition".

    The answer to the original question is.....divers DO NOT scare the fish off. But just as I, and many others, have been vocal in castigating fishos for showing poor form in their behaviour towards other fishos, the general public and divers....they have divers who are guilty of the same thing. the comment about divers wrapping anchors around wrecks does disturb me...that is a MAJOR safety issue that could result in some serious consequences...for both the boat that is the victim...and the culprits (the term recklessly endangering human life comes to mind...along with manslaughter). My poor experiences with divers is more comical than baits being removed from hooks and rehooked in different ways, divers popping up in berleys trails, etc. I learn heaps from divers...I wish i could dive myself to see whats under there (quad bypass and chronic sinusitis means they wont let me near water over 6' deep). Most of my mates and aquaintences dive, and also fish. No reason why we cant all enjoy the water given a bit of common courtesy....on both sides. Why not ask a dive boat who is already anchored on your spot x, to give you a yell when he is leaving and tell you what is down there. He may tell to to F off, but he may also tell you what is down there. If there is some mutual respect gained, maybe it will be a benefit to all of us. (you wont pacify the radicals on either side....but hopefully they are in the minority).


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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom07 View Post
    Has made the Diveoz forum and the diver involved has put his hand up. He doers not get much support from his fellow divers.

    His name is skip

    Thanks for showing us this.

    I won't get into a debate about how long they were there or specifically under my boat but it was quite a while. There is no judicial trial happening here.

    That was never the issue in my original post. I was just wanting to know what I originally asked.

    Nonetheless, it is fair to say that the presence of all of those bubbles is a nuisance as one is always being careful to avoid casting over the top of them.

    The discussion held in this thread and in the divers' one is obviously one that we need to have anyway. I did not know that the issue was such a contentious matter until this thread. Perhaps that is because I only fish mid-week and miss the weekend activity.

    He is only half correct in his post though when he says, "Would this topic continue if it was a fishing boat that anchored 20 mtrs from him?" I think that we all get annoyed when someone drops anchor right on top of our position.

    There are some awfully dumb fishos out here as well. in recent years I have fished an awful lot and at times just chose to do some speculative drifting in some really senseless areas just because I like exploring for new opportunities. I recall on one day being out in the middle of the paddock in Moreton Bay (before Green zones), drowning a pilchard in such a purely speculative, untargeted manner, when up comes a big flash boat and sits right beside me much to my amusement. We were in the middle of nowhere! Nowhere! Hahaha! He must have thought that I had a special spot. Hahaha!

    I vaguely recall my words, spoken quietly, were after the style of, "Ya f&^*ing idiot!"


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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    i for one would not fish near a dive boat
    but no vessels are allowed to fish within 200 mts
    off any commercial vessel that is anchored
    any vessel doing so a fine off up to 10 k can be imposed for hindering a persons operation

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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    The point which many who have been critical of Anglers reactions, real or intended have missed here -

    No one minds Divers.

    We all should have equal rights (first in best dressed) but we don't.

    Extreme reactions have been advocated ONLY IF a dive boat comes in on the Angler and says "P!$$ OFF (by word or action). This of course will never deter the cherry pickers out there...

    Handsome is as handsome does the old saying goes. But if you choose, as a Dive Skipper, to exert what you see as your "right" (as in not act handsome), you'll likely suffer the consequences. Your choice. I'd advise not taking a bet on the generous nature of the Angler, who's probably spent a day's wages getting there and being ready.

    The Dive thread does demonstrate that most Divers are aware of the shared nature of the Ocean, and are "handsome". Most Boaties are too.

    It also highlights a lack of understanding - eg. Diver - we only need the slack of the tide, can't we just have that? There are plenty of popular Fish/Dive sites that are pretty hard to fish at any time other than the slack of the tide. Not a criticism, he just doesn't know.

    Carbon Really Ain't Pollution.

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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    I just thought that I would mention that I have posted a response on the dive site mentioned.

    Being a bit of an optimist, I have included this paragraph...

    "However, all will be forgiven if Skipp (or anyone else) cares to post me the GPS marks of just one "unknown" spot in Moreton Bay where I am likely to catch some really good fish. After all you guys see them. I don't. (I promise to not share the spot with anyone else and only fish it mid-week)"

    What are my chances, do you reckon?


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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    as many chanced catching fish in a bath tub

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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    There is a simple solution to being at anchor and a dive boat pulls up within 30 meters.

    You should carry a mask and snorkel for emergency or pleasure.
    Add a dive flag and when a dive boat pulls up raise your flag as well.
    Then just continue fishing, they will think there are other divers in the water near your boat. If you are asked why you are not in the water just tell them you are resting between dives.

    I'm a diver and a fisherman and I have seen idiots on both sides. Life is too short to get agro over idiots. I believe in Karma.

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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    Just reread this for a good laugh, some pretty intense comments from recreational fishing enthusiasts!

    Stay safe you crazy kids.
    Gas Man.

    Gas Man.

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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    Nice work gasman, I'd forgotten how entertaining and sometimes informatative old charlevilles posts were. Always a good read.

    cheers Ryan

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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    Number 2s in the burley bucket heading their way ......perhaps with a sign attached to the burley bucket !!!!

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    Re: Fishing over scuba divers

    And there is a lot more recent evidence now that divers DO impact negatively on fish activity in the area they dive.

    To the point that fish surveys done by divers are now pretty well discredited in the scientific literature as an unreliable methodology.
    Note to self: Don't argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience....

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