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Thread: SIP Government rip off.

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    Re: SIP Government rip off.

    That original amount quoted may be because a lot of the groups couldn't meet their stocking quota due to a number of factors such as lack of fingerlings, receiving waters not ready/suitable, groups not organised for some reason, etc.. So that may be why the stokcing groups as a whole didn't receive the full 75% of the SIPs money ? (I haven't read the report so not sure).

    And outside of the SIPs paid scheme, don't forget guys there's a lot of 'other' work that goes into the stocking program than just entering in SIPs permit data (although as Steve pointed out I'd reckon that a big job in itself) that may slide in under the radar of that report.

    Think about setting up management plans for all the stocking groups, pre and post electrofishing/netting stocking surveys of all the dam waters to see how the food fish/fingerlings/year classes are going, scientifc support for these groups for hatching/rearing/releasing fingerlings. None of this is actually funded by the SIPs scheme and is currently funded by the government. The SIPs money isn't allowed to be used for this unforunately because a lot of the groups would benefit from it being able to be spent on facilities or this kind of support.

    But that was what was agreed upon at the start so I guess we're stuck with it for now. SO often it falls down to a few hard working volunteers in each group who do 90% of the work.

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    Re: SIP Government rip off.

    They are also responsible for travelling around and doing all the research inot the effectiveness of stocking, including electrofishing is all stocked impoundments. $170K would not cover their complete payroll bill. It's still the best fresh water licensing scheme on the world.

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