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    This arvo's dive

    After 6 consecutive days fighting fires at Brooms Head I thought it was finally time to hit up a few spots out there that I've dived before and shown alot of potential. The best motivator was running my fingers through a mates uncle's photo album I found in the back of the fire station (go figure) of the past 10 years spear captures in this spot, with numerous jew to 70lb, drummer to 4kg, snapper, flathead and even 2 Longtails.
    Jumped in and swam a solid 50m out against the current then found a sweet drift past a bunch of caves and gutters. First fish I saw was a bronzey about 4ft long that took off at the first sight of our ugly mugs. A patch of tailor came through but were moving to fast to pick any off.
    Dived into a gutter that was situated right up against a bommy and found a patch of school jew all in the 2-3kg bracket. I guess there would have been about 30-40fish in the school but I didn't put a shot in as I'd rather leave em for a few years. Stayed in this gutter for a while and only saw 2 silver drummer after the jew.
    Kept moving and found a patch of blackfish, out of 6 shots I got 3 fish which i was happy with. The school kept patching up after a fish was shot and hiding in a patch of kelp which made for easy pickings.
    The tide started going out at this time and the water was clouding up so started heading in. stopped at the first gutter next to the bommy and came headfirst into a very big black cod which didn't want me around. He kept puffing out his pectoral and caudal fins and opening and closing his mouth. It wasn't huge but at around 25kg was enough to keep me moving.
    All in all I'm pretty happy with it and it was a relaxing way to spend the arvo.

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    Re: This arvo's dive

    Sounds like an awesome spot Mattooty! Just FYI, if I see tailor when I'm diving, I've found that I'm almost certain to see jew. The two just seem to go together.............
    That big black cod would have been a good sight, great to see there are a few about. The silver drummer are good to see also, they get to 7kg+ around here, took one that size once many years ago, even the cat wouldn't eat it!

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