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    Kings Beach Rocks

    With the NW winds hit Kings rocks today. Conditions good swam out about 60m and layed down 3 shopping bags full of spanner crab left overs and waited and waited swam around and waited no fish to be seen. Also the son came out he bought a smaller gun during the week.


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    Re: Kings Beach Rocks

    At least you got in the water Mark, and being out with your young bloke is always special no matter what.
    Cheers mate, next time will be more productive!

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    Re: Kings Beach Rocks

    The fish came around as soon as you left i'll bet, always the way.
    Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.

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    Re: Kings Beach Rocks

    was out off the rocks today.... did two drifts from point down to boat ramp-> Not One Decent Size Fish Seen!!!! Anyone else have any ideas where to go???

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    Re: Kings Beach Rocks

    Davo, the only decent shore dive off the sunny coast is Pt Arkwright just south of Coolum Beach. You can swim straight out due east of the point for as long as you want. The reef just keeps going.

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    Re: Kings Beach Rocks

    Thanks Badone.... might give it a try next time I'm out. How is the vis and depth there??

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    Re: Kings Beach Rocks

    Last week the vis was about 6-8m but not looking so good now. Depth starts out at 10ft and just gets slowly deeper as you head east. The reef runs a long way out to sea and ends up running out in about 80ft of water probably a kilometer or so out to sea. Good spot for spanish in summer ( a mate shot one last week so they may be here early as the water is warmer than usual) and you can get the odd trout, jack and snapper if you work hard. Crays as well but the good ones are usually deep. Watch out for boats.

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