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    old school

    any one know how old this would be?

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    Re: old school

    This book would probably have that shot somewhere. If you want a good Aussie History book this is the one . A mate lent it to me and I just haven't got around to buying yet. Lots of newspaper articals.

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    Re: old school

    Looks pretty old by the kit he's wearing, nice mulloway though.
    Nothing makes a fish bigger than almost being caught.

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    Re: old school

    1952. Here is the article


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    Re: old school

    Thanks for the great detective work mod 5.
    "Poor eating, but tragically a great trophy"
    Seems a bit of a harsh summary, would have been damn hard work at best finding and securing that fish in that get-up............... in 1952 I'd wager the spearo was more interested in the food value of that mulloway than any ego boost.

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    Re: old school

    That jewie's a pig! Great shot.


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    Re: old school

    what the hell is the go with the mask/hood he is wearing? looks like Kenny from Southpark! and that Jew looks like it has been scaled huh!

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    Re: old school

    Where that jew was shot he would have been going BALLISTIC !! Rubbing into everything, the stuff nightmares are made of. Awesome catch especially in that gear.

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