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    diving videos

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    Re: diving videos


    those blokes must have nerves of steel... and i complain about the 3-4 reef sharks we get per dive up here... thats unreal.. Thanks for posting kokomo..

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    Re: diving videos

    be sure to check the other videos as well..

    just awesome

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    Re: Diving vids

    Here's some action from the west side with some footage taken out from my home town. Check it out!

    Freedive Spearfishing In Western Australia

    "holy sh!t, did you see that?"

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    Re: diving videos

    Great stuff guys!
    That WA site is a beauty WADF. You guys really have an awesome fishery over there.

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    Re: diving videos

    Have always liked Picko and boys work over there in WA and on the odd time I see a photo of him holding a fish the lad seems to be getting younger not older.

    Here is another WA one I found ... the production quality on some of this stuff is great.

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