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    First fish from the yak

    Taking a weekend off from the boat, Thought I would see what was on the other side.
    We caught and released half a dozen of these cute little guys. Must say I was impressed with their pull!
    Felt strange not having a heap of gear to wash when getting home .
    Nice and peaceful on the water too.

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    Re: First fish from the yak

    good onya..still to get my first fish onto the yak.

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    Re: First fish from the yak

    Mate its addictive....more so when you mix it with a few cans a bundy and sum good mates

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    Re: First fish from the yak

    Awesome mate, well done.
    It is a great way to spend some time...
    Cheers and thanks.

    "Tackle Whore on a budget..."
    Gonzo II Brooker 4.5m 40hp Yam & Outlaw Kayak
    Fish Well, Fish Egrell

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