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Thread: Floating Line ? ?

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    Floating Line ? ?

    G'day fellas

    Just after a little advice on my floating line. I live in SE Qld and we are heading for the Tropics for a few weeks.

    I bought my outfit while in the cold country down south, it is a floating Trout line.

    After a few instructions I am now casting well and dont want to part with this line, but, I have been advised that up this way in Summer it will melt (become sticky)

    Is there anything I can coat the line with to avoid this or am I up for a new line.

    Regards Gordon

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    Re: Floating Line ? ?

    hi there gordon just get some line dressing or buy a tropical line its only in the full heat of summer or on a bear alluminium deck that you will have these problems and your line will feel limp in the heat and you might not get the distance in your cast thats why they buil full braided cores for the tropics as the line you have is ment for cold water have fun.

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    Re: Floating Line ? ?

    This post has been removed as it was a double up of the post below.

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    Re: Floating Line ? ?

    Hi Gordon, I live in far north Queensland and fly fish a lot a round the rocks. And as oyster shell has a way of cutting up fly lines on a fairly regular bases. I go for the cheaper type of lines. As I am not casting across a large distance I fined they work well for me and the up side is, I don't have a brain hemorrhage ever time a jack runs me in to the rocks. The type of line I find best is a intermediate for this stile of fishing. I get my flyline on line from Trout Flies Australia ,app cost $25.00 to $35.00 each.

    good Fishing regards Michael.

    PS you don't have to worry to much a bout the line going soft, they don't last that long with a big jacks.
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    Re: Floating Line ? ?

    My first trip out with a fly club I was using a floating line and while they nailed about 90 fish I was fishless.

    Couldnt get the fly down to where the fish were.

    If you only use 1 line an intermediate may be the way to go.

    Sometimes you may need to have at least two if not three lines to chose from.

    Interchangeable quad tips are a good way to go

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