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    new species and PB's again

    had another awesome day out today found some clean water when there was not much around.

    2 tuskies 12kg's
    2 kings 15kg's
    2 AJ's
    1 job fish
    1 cod
    2 parrot

    also some missed shots on some large wahoo cobia trevally 'big' dew snapper
    crazy day with lots of action
    plenty of shark action as well

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    Re: new species and PB's again


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    Thumbs up Re: new species and PB's again

    Mate that is insane deep.

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    Re: new species and PB's again

    that was 21m's

    we were diving 25-30 when we were chasing the jobfish

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    Re: new species and PB's again

    first jobfish

    big rat!

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    Re: new species and PB's again

    A wahoo would have looked great with that collection. Personally I think the tuskers are a great eating fish. Only wish we got the vis that you guys get down there. Well done mate - insanely jealous.

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    Re: new species and PB's again

    That 's is some great diving action . Great tuskies always great to see your reports and dream about being able to dive half that depth
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    I wonder how much deeper the ocean would be without sponges

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    Re: new species and PB's again

    FMD kokomo, those tuskies are awesome!
    Keep up the fantastic work man, your posts are always especially enjoyable!

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    Re: new species and PB's again

    the first tuskie shot by my buddie in 24m's. he did a solid run and got wrapped around a bommie.. scott returned to the surface and i dropped to help him out.

    saw another tuskie that i stoned with no problems, as i started to kick up i noticed some bronzies circling..

    returned to the surface to say scotty you better hurry up and get him free..

    I cleared my fish and scott / lucas still had not got his fish free..

    after each dive to 24m's you need atleast 3-4mins of recovery before you can go again so there is lost of waiting not knowing whats going on in the murky water below.

    20min's of the 3 of us diving 24m's poking bronzies and nurses with spears and just pushing them by hand to keep them clear of the fish, and with the remaining 10 secs of bottom time trying to free the gun and fish that had holed up big time!

    i was almost 100% sure the fish would be lost as the sharks were circling tight.. but by some stoke luck we eventually got the gun and fish clear and to the surface.. just as we started to celebrate a grey nurse came straight up from the bottom at mac 10 obviously regretting not taking the fish when he had the chance.. a gentle poke of the spear gun and he returned to the depths!
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    Re: new species and PB's again

    Ah the men in grey suits are always a joy. Last decent size tusker I shot was out in the open and it turned on itself onto the sand and still bent my shaft up near the tip. Amazingly strong.

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