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Thread: ear problems

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    ear problems

    how does one get into spearing etc, if diving down just 3 metres causes ear issues?

    what should you do to avoid pressure issues when you have ears very sensitive to pressure changes



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    Re: ear problems

    Try equalisation exercises when sitting on the couch or whatever, driving or operating machinery probably not.

    Just squeeze of your nostrils and blow lightly until they crackle pop every few minutes or so, it will get faster and easier given time and allow dives to any depth.

    Without use/exercise, that flap of skin it gets sticky, getting older just makes it worse at least it has for me.

    cheers fnq

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    Re: ear problems

    I pop my ears in the manner described many times a day already.... maybe just need to equalise constantly while diving down. Normally if i go to 3m without equalising, it will then be impossible

    always been a hassle for me diving down deep

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    Re: ear problems

    I see, well i dunno then, my deepwater spearfishing experience is not recent but years ago when I was very keen and had good young sinuses I had no trouble with any depth as long as I kept training before and equalising during, was seriously a piece of cake. Is it one or both ears? are you prone to hayfever, a smoker, hope someone can help or a trip to the doc might be in order.

    cheers fnq

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    Re: ear problems

    Quote Originally Posted by FNQCairns View Post
    getting older just makes it worse
    Yep - same for me!! How's the saying go ... I'm not as good as I once was but I'm good once

    Once upon a time I use to take good old sudafed but decided that can't be good for you - especially after a trip out to the reef and then that night having the heart racing. Have been to a naturopath and had a good potion that worked for awhile but I really only get problems after I've had a break from diving. I find that things get better when I'm getting out at least 3 days a week for a continuous period. Sadly this doesn't happen as much for me now.

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    Re: ear problems

    My brother inlaw had the same problem.
    He end up getting gromets put in see your doctor.

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    Re: ear problems

    equalization is often the limiting factor for most freedivers..

    some hot tips for you...
    1) equalize before you need to.
    2) equalizes before you leave the surface then every 1/2 m or so

    so early and often is the key

    There are also many different style of equalization..
    Vascular: ie pinch nose and blow.. this is the most simple to teach and most widely used by beginners.
    Frenzel: this technique can take over 20 hours to learn but is widely used by more advance divers.. the technique here is to use your throat and tongue to create a piston affect against your nose. it offers great control
    I cant remember the name but there is a hands free technique that can be used by moving your jaw and flexing your Eustachian tubes (the 'click' sound) ..

    I use Fresnel for dives below 15m and hands free dive from 0-15

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    Re: ear problems

    check out the deeper blue forums to learn about the insane science behind breath hold diving

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